Digital tv cards and jumping pictures

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 22:24 29 Jul 2003

Have recently fitted a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t card to my PC and can get a picture etc.

Only problem is that the picture and sound run, then freezes, then runs again.

Any advice?

What do I need to do?

Win XP, 2.6AMD, 1GB RAM.

  graham√ 22:29 29 Jul 2003

Seriously, get your money back and buy a TV.

  John-259217 22:57 29 Jul 2003

I`m afraid I`d have to agree with graham√.

I have the same card as you, its currently gathering dust on top of the wardrobe along with an older non-digital one, until I can be bothered to play with it in a third system!

In my Athlon 2000xp system (512Kb ram and WinXP) It behaved just as you describe, I tried a fresh XP install with and without SP1a, lots of different graphics drivers and three diffrent graphics cards with no improvement.

On my 2.4 PIV (512Kb ram and WinXP again) I did initially get it working but at the expense of DVD playback and a fair amount of instability, attempts to improve on this in the same way as above eventually resulted in a total refusal to install at all.

If I feel motivated enough I may try it on an old PIII running 98se, but I don`t hold out much hope.

If anyone does have the answer I`d be interested to hear it.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 22:17 31 Jul 2003

1 Got a better ariel
2 Downloaded newer version of software and hardware settings from click here
3 Downloaded new driver for motherboard
4 Reset BIOs settings

Main point of help actually came from the support feature from the supplier, but a bit long winded.

  John-259217 03:25 01 Aug 2003

I wish mine was!!!!!!!!!

Its now 3.00am so I`m giving up for the night.

Just for reference I`m using an MSI KT4 Ultra mobo with a 2000xp Athlon, latest MSI BIOS update (deep breath there!), 512Kb Ram, fresh install of XP Home SP1a to a wiped hard drive, lastest Via 4 in 1 mobo drivers and an Nvidia MX440 graphics card (tried several drivers).

As you did, I downloaded all the latest Hauppauge drivers and software (which I have to admit did install slightly better than the previous ones) then followed the advice on the site re BIOS settings, IRQ`s, display settings etc.

I know the performance of the aerial is ok as I have a Pace DTV set top adapter which works fine and shows high strength signal with no loss.

Result? - No change, exactly the same jerky playback as the last time I tried it!

As I absolutely hate to let anything like this beat me I`ll try again later with my PIV system.
I`m not to hopefull since its an SIS chipset, which along with the VIA one on the Ultra, is noted as difficult by Hauppauge on the site.

I`ll start a new thread to let anyone who`s interested (graham√ :-)) know how I get on.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 11:16 01 Aug 2003

I also changed the cache size for the graphics card, it is aN ATI Radeon 9500/9700.

And then set all other settings to the default- it had previosly been overclocked.

Same mobo as m73john

Changed the BIOS latency to 2.5 also.

Best of luck.

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