Digital pics to Cd-RW

  hendog 16:00 19 Nov 2004

I can download my digital pics into a folder on the Pc, and can burn them to a CD-R for commercial printing. For reasons of economy I would prefer to burn to CD-RW but the pc says "no can do". Can anybody explain why??

  ICF 16:15 19 Nov 2004

What's the error meassage?
What software in any are you using?

  woodchip 16:21 19 Nov 2004

You can do it in NERO the pics are better if JPEG and your DVD player as to support Pic's

  hendog 16:56 19 Nov 2004


The pics are jpg format. The screen message is:
"ERROR COPYING FILE OR FOLDER. cannot copy Dsc00032(that is the pic number) the disk is write protected.
Remove write protection or use another disk"
A brand new disk makes no difference.

I am using Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD vers. 8 software.

  ICF 18:12 19 Nov 2004

Are the pictures your trying to put on CD-RW already on a disc or are they on your computer?

  hendog 19:19 19 Nov 2004


They are on the computer. No problem transferring from the camera to pc, or from pc to cd-r. No go with Cd-rw.

  TomJerry 19:29 19 Nov 2004

you cannot copy to CD-RW disc directly unless you format it use a packet writting program. Nero has InCD, Roxio has DirectCD, do not know what is similar program with Pinnacl.

Another way is just treat CD-RW as CD-R and burn it the same way. If you want to use again, just erase it and use again.

  Graham ® 19:34 19 Nov 2004

This may be a speed incompatibility between the writer and the blank disc. Can you burn anything to a CD-RW, a small file, for instance.

  chugby 19:54 19 Nov 2004

just a thought, are you trying to copy from a CDR as this maybe reason protected, need to "save as" onto hardisk. Check if files are read only (via properties) and change to archive.
Assume Cd-rw are blank and work normally, have you tried different media? If new media could be
cd-rw drive not recognising and firmware needs updating.

  Filch 20:17 19 Nov 2004

I've had this happen 3 or 4 times with Oak SimpliCD. It seems that somehow the files have become corrupted. I was able to get round it by opening the original file taken from the camera (had been downloaded to the computer as a TIFF)and resizing it and saving it with another name. One time changing it to a JEPG did the trick. You might give it a try.

  woodchip 20:42 19 Nov 2004

As above use NERO data file. it will create a ISO that will run on your DVD

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