"Digital Photo,s"Red eye removal tool

  mammak 19:11 14 Jun 2003

Hi folks can any one suggest,a good red eye removal tool,running win2000xp pro, olympus c-120 digital camera, lexmark z75 printer, overall my photo,s print,s are brilliant ect, very pleased in that department, but photo,s off my little six year old , she alway,s has red in her print,s " i do know the dangers off taking shot,s to close to kid,s , so am wary off going to close, but no matter she always has red eye,any suggetions folks, thank,s in advance, Mammak

  PA28 19:38 14 Jun 2003

Virtually all giveaways have this tool and most work the same way. If your image editing software doesn't then simply magnify the photo on screen so that the eye itself is clear, select a paintbrush that is roughly the size of the pupil, set the paint clour to a dark sahe approximating to the rest of the eye, set the opacity to about 50% and blob it on the eye until the red-eye is dumbed down. Sounds complex but actually takes about 15 seconds!

  mammak 20:08 14 Jun 2003

PA28, thanks so much, that worked a treat, rgard,s Mammak, ps used paint.dont know how i did it but it worked, thanks mate.

  Andsome 08:19 15 Jun 2003

I almost recommended Ofoto myself until I tried your link, and found that this was your suggestion. I could not agree more, it is the best tool that I have ever found for removing red eye. I also like the cropping tool.

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