digital photos first time

  boxclever 23:20 13 Aug 2004

Please bear with me I'm brand new to this.
I have just given a digital camera as a birthday present. I've took photos of everything as you do. When I download them they look great but when I open them in photoshop or photosuite 4 the edges of the buildings go wavy. Can somebody tell me if I am doing it wrong. I'm running XP home.

  woodchip 23:38 13 Aug 2004

have you printed one off to see if it's the same, but it can be a problem with Digital Cameras like a thin line or wire on the photo may look jaggy. Try different resolutions

  boxclever 23:44 13 Aug 2004

Thats exactly whats happened. The lines are straight in fax viewer but jagged when I open them to adjust them. I've just printed one off and the lines are straight. The only problem seems to be the image on the PC. Thanks for the quick reply.

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