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  prima12 19:28 24 Feb 2003

Hi all, I have just treated myself to a Fuji S304 camera, it came with it's own software for putting the pictures onto a CD, but the problem is that my CD rewriter (Lite-On 4812S)is not supported by the software, so it's not recognised. What I am looking for is a simple, (and I mean simple)to use program that will allow me to download the pictures to a CD and run it like an album, showing each picture for a set length of time etc. and titles. Can anybody help with a few suggestions. I have downloaded the first lot of pictures to CD but the result is not really what I am looking for. Thanks.

  Elrond 19:31 24 Feb 2003

Have you been to the software website and checked for updates? They may have one that will support ur drive. Also, are you on WInXP? If so it has a built in CD burner software so you can transfer any files to CD

  jazzypop 19:35 24 Feb 2003

The Memories Disc Creator from HP is simple to use and effective - click here

  graham 19:36 24 Feb 2003

If you have MS Powerpoint you should be able to do a really good CD using that.

  Stuartli 19:55 24 Feb 2003

Like PowerPoint, free all round viewer/multimedia program Irfanview also offers slideshow creations.

New version 3.80 is available:

click here

  prima12 20:42 24 Feb 2003

I tried the software website, but it appears I have the latest version. By the way I am running W98se.

  P770 21:03 24 Feb 2003

I have also recently bought a digital camera. I tried a few programmes and found Pinnacle Expression to be excelent. You can set your album slideshow to music and the show will last as long as the music.
Failing that try the free Xatshow ( which is free and also very good and easy to use, but if you want to show your slideshow on your DVD player on the TV you will be better with Pinnacle

  shaduf 21:30 24 Feb 2003

Hi Prima
I think your original question has been answered by others but I would like to ask you one if I may.

Yesterday I bought the same camera from PC World as it certainly was a good price. I took a few pics last night and when I transferred them to the PC this morning I noticed there appeared to be some barrel distortion when wall edges etc appeared on the left side of the screen. I printed some pictures out and it was very obvious.

Today I returned the camera to PCW and they were very helpful and did some tests with my camera and another but they were inconclusive. PCW agreed the error was very visible on my printouts but we couldn't decide the cause. They gave me a new camera and a quick trial tonight shows it to be the same. I will do better tests tomorrow.

I think it would be interesting if you were to check all the verticals on your pictures to make sure they are truly straight.(Not necessarily truly vertical).

Other than that it appears a superb little camera.


  siouxah1 21:39 24 Feb 2003

You might also like to consider ULead DVD Picture Show.

CDs at VCD resolution and DVD. Can use music etc. Not free but simple to use and not expensive.

Regards Brian

  Spencus 02:03 25 Feb 2003

I use Fugis Finepix viewer which will run a slideshow of your pics

  prima12 06:56 25 Feb 2003

I too bought mine from PC World.
I haven't noticed any distortion on the pictures I took. I nearly bought htis camera before Christmas when it would have been £379.00 not the £279.00 I paid on Saturday. I don't have a problem viewing the pictures, just trying to get them to CD. Tried Irfanview last night and it worked than the other program, I need to play a little more. I had heard that Pinnacle Expression was good.

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