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  Kishore 18:13 01 Nov 2003

I am going on a holiday. I will be away for three months. During this time I will be using my digital camera to take photographs.
While I am away, I would like my family and friends to view the photograps through the media of the Internet. I do not know what is the best way of going about doing this. I know that there are sites on the internet where you can upload your images and your family and friends can wiew them but they would insist on me ordering prints. I do not wish to have prints now or any other time. Eventually I will be copying all the images on a cd.
Your ideas and help will be appreciated.

  DieSse 18:19 01 Nov 2003

Put this ... online photo sharing ... into a google search and check out the links.

This looks promising click here

Also many digital cameras come with such a service in their bundled software.

  nodrog2 19:34 01 Nov 2003

click here is my favourite

  hssutton 19:58 01 Nov 2003

This click here to my mind is about the best 200,000Kbs of free space for your images. However all albums are available for public view. So long as you have internet access and a method of uploading, wherever it is you are going, this site should be ideal.


  canard 23:14 01 Nov 2003

click here This is a nice site for putting family pics on. It is passworded and your family can add their photos of what they're doing to keep you up to date too.

Useful links - file to My Postings.

  tbh72 00:33 02 Nov 2003

click here has a 30 day free trial, then it's ?9.99 per year to store UPTO 1000 photo graphs. I know you expressly said you didn't want print's..... But you should take a look around the item's they offer, a coffee cup, a mouse mat or how about a jigsaw puzzle!!!

Excellent service from an excellent company

PS Enjoy your hol's

  tbh72 00:36 02 Nov 2003

click here

My sincerest appologies, my previous post contains an incorrect link, this is the link you need for TopFoto

  Bagsey 09:03 02 Nov 2003

Go to Msn and use the free 30 megs that are available. You can set it up so that only family can have access if you wish. My site as a sample for your info.

click here

  Smiler 12:24 02 Nov 2003


  Pesala 13:02 02 Nov 2003

Bagsey, that seems like a useful way to share photographs. Plenty of options for comments, messages, and spammers too.

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