Digital photo frames

  frostytheclown 23:22 31 May 2007

Wanting to buy one of these for my Dad for his birthday

I've seen some that store "up to 50 images". What I can't find out is if you can store to the frame's inbuilt memory, and then re-write to a memory card to build up a collection favourites

Can anyone advise?


  User-312386 23:58 31 May 2007

I was looking at these for my wife the other week, what i understand is that they dont have an inbuilt memory, just a card you have to purchase and slot in.

The Quote below is from this click here website

"Memory Cards and Built in Memory: Very few digital photo frames have built in memory and due the high price of inbuilt memory this feature has been relatively expensive and the memory provided has been small. The flexibilty and low cost of memory cards has meant that the preference of most customers was to buy thier own memory and Digital Frames Direct sells a full range of memory cards."

  jack 09:56 05 Jun 2007

There is as usual a plethora of these things ,and almost daily something new.
The variety of sizes and prices is mind boggling
Last Christmas- Curry's and the like had them in piles- John Lewis in tasteful displays, and of course the box shifters on the web.
They in the main all seemed to be similar items, packed in different mainline Brand name boxes.
And the prices for what they are -astronomical
A few pounds more for some and you were in entry level laptop country.
I looked and Oh yes another big boys toy
But then a few pounds crept my way and my attitude softened -So this past week I have been looking.
from here this one came up

click here
I saw the 10.4 for £119.99
Hm sez me keep looking.
Yesterday a free afternoon- took my self to Blue Water[where else] stop -John Lewis- some- a Philips 6x4 for £180 or so.
onto Jessops- a selection of sizes- non priced
one identical to the Digital Frames Direct - how much -£149.99-- Ha!

Off to Currys- tiny display- small sizes - obvouisly a Christmas thing.
OK- forget it go to get what I really came for .
Into Boots- passing the Photo section- and there it was again- the same 10.4 was able to take a closer look- takes all the cards- plays movies-in built speakers - plays tunes -interchangeable frames -even more Wow!
How much?
Out with plastic quick.
So don't dismiss all the high street stores- there are a few surprises around
Of course doubts creep in - after the purchase - why the differential- is it just marketing and price points
Or are these thing graded in some way, seemingly identical items with lower grade screens say - or what?
This one is called a Perfection from Perfection Technology.
click here

  jack 10:02 05 Jun 2007

and that link did not deliver the site .
This one does
click here
But only mentions a small one for a similar price
to the rest of the market place.

So you are serious better make it to your large Boots quick before they realize their error.

  Stuartli 16:19 05 Jun 2007

Most of these digital photo frames seem to have a very low resolution.

  jack 17:55 05 Jun 2007

May be that is it Stuartli
It is low rez compared with whats available now.
Imagine a warehouse full of LR screens then the new type comes along.And someone says - now what shall we do with this lot?

I know.................

  Stuartli 20:24 05 Jun 2007

Just had a Savastore e-mail newsletter that includes a 7in model for £35 - add the Google £10 off offer.....:-)

click here

The link isn't currently working (might be incorrect on the newsletter).

  Totally-braindead 20:30 05 Jun 2007

I bought the Novatech one for my Mums birthday later this month, good value at less than £40 and works well enough. click here its basic, doesn't do film files or have sound or a remote but it does all I want.
I've got a digital camera for her as well, my idea was to give her something to view the pics on as the cameras screen isn't that large and connecting it up to the TV can be a hassle.
I like it for the money.

  User-312386 18:59 06 Jun 2007

hope you bought the card for it as well mate :)

  Totally-braindead 21:01 06 Jun 2007

I did.

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