digital photo direct to printer

  bald1 21:05 16 Jun 2003

is it possible to send my digital photo directly to my hp deskjet 3820 printer?

  3tg 21:08 16 Jun 2003

WE have just bought that model, I would not think so. I would like to know how if it is possible, cheers/

  mammak 22:07 16 Jun 2003

Is this is what you mean, surly after uploading your photo,s via whatever software you use you have an option, to print too your default printer, if not i stand corrected, if so why buy the priner if it dont print what you wish it to print????

  Switcher 22:13 16 Jun 2003

When you say DIRECTLY to your printer. Do you mean directly from:-

1. Your Camera

2. Your Flash Card

3. Your PC

  Bodi 23:17 16 Jun 2003

I have a Fujifilm FinePix A204 Dig.Camera and an HP1220C printer.

Using the software (in this case Finepix Viewer which gives thumnails of pics in camera) I successfully printed out a photograph directly from the camera. Surprisingly, it came out at A4 size - but it is still sharp and clear.

Hope this helps,


  DieSse 00:48 17 Jun 2003

If you mean without a computer in the middle - then no, of course it isn't possible - this printer has no connection for a camera.

Can you explain exactly what you do mean please.

  DieSse 00:50 17 Jun 2003

With respect, with a computer in the middle (as you have), you can do this with any camera (at least almost any camera, except very old models).

  Bodi 10:30 17 Jun 2003

Am sorry, lol, but have just got my camera and the novelty of it has yet to wear off so thought I'd experiment a bit. Was so chuffed when it worked just had to brag and now you've burst my bubble! sob.


  DieSse 10:44 17 Jun 2003


Nothing wrong with being enthusiatic about a new toy!

  Bodi 10:55 17 Jun 2003

My camera is not an expensive one, but am taking photographs of anything and everything - er well almost! I am really chuffed with it because I can't use ordinary cameras without a tripod.

What amazes me is how clear and sharp the photographs are. Ok, I'll stop bragging now.


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