digital noise breakthrough

  Aristocatman 20:59 07 Oct 2003

I have a problem with noise breakthrough on my PC I get a continuous fizz in the speakers which changes sound if I move the mouse or wake the hard drive with the fizz is a sound like a slow running motor. The computer is slow & task manager will not show properly it flashes briefly on screen but won't stay. The sound is only present when logged on, up to the welcome screen from boot it is silent. I am also getting problems with netsharing, the problem computer is the connection to the net (ISDN no broadband yet)but netsharing is very unstable & even rebooting or changing account on the client computer will stop it working sometimes running the wizard will restore it, not always. Any ideas? it's driving me potty!

  Aristocatman 18:56 09 Oct 2003

Look like I managed to stump the Forum on this one - certainly got me foxed!

  Aristocatman 07:55 11 Oct 2003

I must admit that possibility had crossed my mind problem if it is as the sound card is built into the motherboard. As it is one of the small motherboards I have no spare slots for a seperate card but I could pull out my ISDN card & try one temporarly. Thanks for the suggestion.

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