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  jimmer409™ 20:40 09 Jun 2003

hello everyone, I have a samsung vp-d87i camcorder, the movies it takes seem very good on the actual camera screen and also on my tv, i downloaded some movies to my pc using windows movie maker and on playback found the quality crap, is there a better program to use?? help appreciated.

  LAP 22:16 09 Jun 2003

Is your camera DV format? I ask because mine is and I also use windows movie maker 2 although I have not used any other software. The pics on the camera are the same on TV and when played back on windows movie maker 2. The results are excellent..Lap..

  jimmer409™ 06:01 10 Jun 2003

yes lap it is dv format and i use firewire to xfer data to the pc.

  stlucia 08:45 10 Jun 2003

Crap in what way? Presumably you're talking about resolution, or is it that the picture/sound is jumping?

What format is movie maker recording the files onto your PC in? It could be that it's compressing them too much, and losing quality -- a PC screen is higher resolution than a TV, and it's closer to you, so a TV-quality resolution may not look good when viewed on a PC screen.

Check if there's any setting to change the compression/quality when recording.

As for other (better?) programs, I've only ever used Pinnacle for recording and editing, and Roxio Platignum or Sonic MyDVD for burning onto VCD or DVD. They give you some control over the output quality, so maybe that's what you need. Others will be able to tell you about more software.

  jimmer409™ 18:55 10 Jun 2003

thanks stlucia, yes the pictures are blurrie, how do i tell the format,compression,quality? i am really new to this game.

  LAP 19:06 10 Jun 2003

Got the camera out again.....

In the Video Capture Wizard do you select 'Best' quality? ie playback on your computer.
Which to answer stlucia question is in WMV format.

My camera is a Sony and uses a memory stick for stills. I've just downloaded a test pic via usb cable into window movie maker2. This to is perfect as well. Can you download stills if so what is the quality like?

  John Christopher 19:42 16 Jun 2003

LAP - what's the make and model of your Sony camcorder ?

  -pops- 06:21 17 Jun 2003

Which version of Movie Maker are you using? Version 2 is infinitely better than version 1. So if you are using the earlier one and assuming you are on WXP, can I suggest that you update click here

If that link doesn't work, go to the Microsoft download center and look up Movie Maker 2. It doesn't cost.


  LAP 21:33 20 Jun 2003

Sorry have not been back earlier, working away..

Camera model is DCR-PC110E..

Re -pops- are you using Movie Maker 2?

  LAP 19:25 21 Jun 2003

How did you over come your problem?
Can you tell us please!..Lap..

  graham√ 20:29 21 Jun 2003

' Windows XP actually comes with a program called Windows Movie Maker, shown in Figure C. While this program will work, it only covers the basics. I recommend springing for some commercial grade video capture and editing software. I?ve personally had great luck with Sony?s Studio DV. It?s easy to use and is specifically designed to work with Sony camcorders.'

Copied from 'VHS to CD' thread link.

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