Digital Media

  CoolCat 18:39 26 Jan 2003

Could someone please prvide me with the differences (and which is the best to have) of all the available media types for digital cameras.

  jazzypop 19:01 26 Jan 2003

If you mean the different types of storage cards, there's not much to choose between the - certainly not enough for it to be a major factor when choosing a camera. Try click here for a guide.

  Simon_P 19:16 26 Jan 2003

Well it will depemd on the modle of cam that you have/are getting, as CoolCat said there are not much differene between them, I use "smart media" and find it very good, if you are looking for a cam it is important that you get what suits your needs and not what type on media it will take, when you get that it will detirmin your media choice.
Try click here for info on cams.

  Simon_P 19:17 26 Jan 2003

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