Digital Imaging and PC Performance

  Elrond 12:19 15 Feb 2004

My girlfriend is a photographer and has sarted doing a lot of digital work since she had a new camera at xmas. She is working with high res images in photoshop and the files are quite large. Now the pc seems a bit sluggish and was wondering if upgrading the graphics card may help.

AMD XP 1800+
640MB DDR PC2100
32MB ATI Graphics Card.

Would upgrading to a 128MB Gaphics card improve the speed at which the system works on the images when she's using the tools in Photoshop? I'm not in the know on all the various cards floating around and need to stick to a budget between £40 and £50. So if you think an upgrade would help could you suggest a card in the said price range? Cheers

  duplo 12:49 15 Feb 2004

Well, your graphics card seems to be the weakest link, and 32MB is not much for high res images!!

I would say that more graphics memmory would help! Ebuyer have a GForce FX5200 with 256DDR ram for £60 inc vat (click here).

Although the chip set is not the fasted, its more than enough for image work, and 256Ram is alot of mem!

If your really tight, the same card with 128Ram is your for around £50!!

  duplo 12:50 15 Feb 2004

Sorry... ment to say "tight budget", not saying your "tight". Opps.

I'll shut up now.

  Elrond 12:57 15 Feb 2004

Thanks duplo, I had a feeling the graphics card wasnt helping but wasnt quite sure if an upgrade would make any difference. I was just in PC world and almost bought a Leadtek card 128MB which was £39. But as I say i dont know much bout graphics cards and didnt know if I would have been buying anything decent as i'm sure performance isnt just down to the amount of RAM on the card. I dont know bout all these FX5200 names and stuff

  Elrond 13:29 15 Feb 2004

The card i saw in PC world was MX4000 if anyone can tell me if this is good or not

  Elrond 16:17 15 Feb 2004


  Smiler 16:31 15 Feb 2004

cant find mx4000 what make is it?

  Elrond 16:35 15 Feb 2004
  Smiler 16:45 15 Feb 2004

I notice it doesn't have support for direct x 9.0 which may be required by some newer programmes Nero vision express and ulead videostudio for example.
It doesn't mean you can't install directx 9.0 but it may not operate correctly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:51 15 Feb 2004

You do not need to upgrade your graphics card. I was recently using a MB graphics card and Photochop 7 for digital retouching of which I do shed loads professionally. . I am now using a 256mb card and there is NO difference in resolution. Shove in as much RAM as the MB will take (1GB, if it is within your budget) and get a decent Sony/illyama monitor.

Spending your money in these areas will benefit you more. Apart from the above you have a system that needs little, if any tweaking although an external HD will be useful for digital images.


  Elrond 16:53 15 Feb 2004

Cheers Gandalf will be upgrading my RAM for sure.I'll do this and see how things go I think.

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