Digital Image Recovery folder

  tonyq 12:05 20 Jan 2012

In the programs folder in my Windows Vista there is a folder named "Digital Image Recovery", which as 4.86gb of photos,which I presume is all my pictures. Can anyone enlighten me as to what it may be connected with and can I delete it? I can't see anything in the Programs and Features Add/Remove that may be connected with it.

  tonyq 09:37 21 Jan 2012

Hi all, can I presume from the no postings that no one else as this folder? Can I rephrase my question then,How do I find out what program it is connected with, if it is connected to a program at all.

  KRONOS the First 09:59 21 Jan 2012

Right clicking on the folder then properties,does that throw up any clues as to its origin?

  tonyq 11:30 21 Jan 2012

Hi Chronus, as far as I can see there is no mention of anything. Below is a picture of the properties/general

  KRONOS the First 11:39 21 Jan 2012

Google does not produce anything either. Something or rather some software has created it. I would back it up to an external drive then delete it from program files and see what happens.

  tonyq 11:47 21 Jan 2012

Do you think it would be OK to move it to the desk top and rename it, as I don't think I have 4.86gb spare on anything.

  lotvic 11:51 21 Jan 2012

It's, The program is called 'Digital Image Recovery' the free image recovery program that will search all drives and SDcards etc for images, especially useful if you have wiped the drive or card or deleted images you didn't mean to. Program has logo of white circle with red + on it.

What is Digital Image Recovery?

Digital Image Recovery is a data recovery tool for digital images. The program is designed for media used by digital cameras. Common media types are: Flash Card(TM), SmartMedia (TM), SONY Memory Stick (TM), IBM(TM) Micro Drive, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital Card and Compact Disc.

  tonyq 12:25 21 Jan 2012

I seem to recollect having a program with white circle with red + on it, Which I must have deleted as I don't have it now. Am I right in thinking that I can delete the "Digital Image Recovery" folder from the "Programs" folder as I have all my photos backed up to a external HDD

  lotvic 13:03 21 Jan 2012

Yes you can delete it or move it etc. If you uninstalled the program the folder will only be full of the all the images you 'recovered'. Suggest you have a look in Thumbnail view to make sure you don't want any of the images (pics) before you delete.

  tonyq 13:23 21 Jan 2012

I have bit the bullet and deleted the file. The folder was so large that it was to large to delete to the Recycle Bin,so it had to be straight delete so here's hoping. Thank you all for your help.

  carolinebrown 05:47 13 Feb 2012

If you have lost your photos and image from memory card then user can restore it from the backup and in case backup is not available then user can try professional photo recovery software.

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