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  marilynbell 22:25 20 Jul 2003

Any advice please I'm looking to buy something that isn't too expensive but will give a good print, I was looking at the one in Dixons whis=ch is on offer but it doesn't have optical zoom whatever that is, I know it's a 2 mega pixel is that good enough as it's only to take snaps any advice gratefully appreciated

  rins36 22:30 20 Jul 2003

What price range do u have?

What printer do you have as this is the key to good quality printer does the trick

There are various postings on here that can guide u in the right direction

Hope this helps

  woodchip 22:30 20 Jul 2003

This ones mine Ricoh Caplio RR120 ,

click here

and hear for price click here

  clayton 22:33 20 Jul 2003

what sort of price do you want to spend

here are a few sites

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Gongoozler 22:36 20 Jul 2003

Hi marilynbell. I'll try to clear up a couple of points for you, but only you can decide what you really want.

Optical zoom is very important. This is real zoom using the lens. Digital zoom is only selecting part of the picture to give the effect of zoom, but it only does what you can do with the picture in your computer. If you use digital zoom, you just store fewer pixels.

2 Mpixels is ok if you dont want to print any more than about 8 x 6 inches. I prefer 3 MP which is ok up to A4 size without pixels showing. More important is that if you want to print part of the picture, you will only get a proportionally smaller picture without seeing the pixels. For snapshot size pictures (6 x 4 inches) 2 MP is fine.

I dont know what the Dixons camera is, but you can usually get a better price at Internet Cameras Direct click here, and you can usually find user reviews there as well.

  Giantsquid 23:19 20 Jul 2003

The point made by rins36 is important, a good photo printer is fundemental to all your printing needs, you can have the best shot in the world on the screen but if your printer is not up to it you will be let down if your printer is not up to the job.
These days Digital is the norm, gone are the days when you had to decide what speed of film for any given subject, IE, 100 ASA, 400ASA what film do I use ??? 'is it a cloudy day, sunny day, or night time'.............the subject can be very deep until now that is, and as you can see you have come to the right place for help.
You mention taking snaps, there is a wealth of good quality cameras out there that will fit the bill, decide your price range, have a look at the links, and then get back to us, as some outlets are better than others, plus of course special offers can come along anytime, choose a camera that you like and if possible go and see it in the flesh, don't be hasty though the digital camera industry is very competative, and the old 'price match' can be a godsend, good luck,

Bye the way I have Fuji 2800 with a 6x zoom (optical) and I am happy with it but I am not pushing this model as I have a lot of optical equipment, and Astronomical gear also but for point and shoot and family occasions it suits me fine.

  rins36 00:18 21 Jul 2003


I to have the Fuji 2800 & more than happy with it,i can see a vast difference with the pics taken with this camera & the olympus we had before. Print pics using Epson Stylus Photo 830U

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