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  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 13:15 26 Mar 2004

Can anybody advise on a decent digital camera.

Want a camera with clearshots.
what pixel level ?

many thanks

  medicine hat 13:23 26 Mar 2004

I really love my HP 935 click here

Excellent picture quality and easy to operate. Watch the video :-)

  Scillonia 13:32 26 Mar 2004

As a total beginner, and having read many reviews I went for the A80, also got the underwater casing and for an a total novice, got some really impressive shots above and below water. They printed out beyond expectation with a canon i865

  byfordr 13:40 26 Mar 2004

The lens is probably more important than the amount of mp. (Although with more mega pixels photos tend to blow up better) Your best bet is to try out a few cameras and see what you like.

These are pretty good click here for about £280

I've got one of these click here £225 Good pictures and video (without sound) limited for distance shots.


  GroupFC 13:42 26 Mar 2004

You will get as many recommendations as there are cameras on the market with a question like that!

I think people will probably want a lot more information - such as likely use and budget just to start! If you give a few more details it will help people point you in the right direction.

To get you started this is the camera I have had for a while know and I am well pleased with it click here
Another useful review sight is click here

Good Luck!

  pj123 13:53 26 Mar 2004

Agree with GroupFC. Everyone who has a digital camera will recommend the one they have, otherwise why did they buy it! I have two, a Nikon Coolpix 2500, only 2mp but good results and a Minolta Dimage Z1 (3.2mp). The Z1 has a 10x optical zoom lens and gives really good prints up to about 10 x 8. To do some comparisons on spec, price and where to get try this site click here select your price range or manufacturer and read and enjoy. Whichever one you go for make sure it has "optical zoom" and not just "digital zoom".

  Ivor_Monkey 17:59 26 Mar 2004

click here for reviews

  jack 18:03 26 Mar 2004

Get a good review mag
Set your biget
and browsw away
ASll the makes are pretty good in their band
Each does some thing differently
Take a gander too at the Dicounter that sell last model at half price ie click here

  Totally-braindead 18:53 26 Mar 2004

Whatever you buy make sure it has an optical zoom, digital zooms are a waste of time as you can do the same thing with your PC and you loose so much picture quality its hardly worth printing. I'd look for at least a 2 megapixel as my camera is but with prices such as they are at the moment you can get a 3 or maybe even a 4 meg camera for less than £200 so if I was going for a new camera that is what I'd go for. Remember to budget for a couple of memory cards and some rechargable NIMH batteries and a charger. I use click here for this, really cheap and good delivery times.

  Dumble452 20:28 26 Mar 2004

I completely agree with the comments about optical zoom, but as was said earlier it depends what you want to do with it. Do you want a camera which is small enough to slip in your pocket? I've got a Fuji S304 and I am very pleased with it. I particularly like the SLR type view finder, but it is a little chunky and I have to carry it around in a case. One thing I was not aware of before I bought a digital camera is the time lag between pressing the button and taking the picture. You don't always get the photo you expect. See if you can try a few before taking the plunge.

  canute44 20:37 26 Mar 2004

I agree with Dumble452. I have used a Fuji 6900Z for two years now - it is now out of date - and the only thing that disappoints me is the weak inbuilt flash. This is pretty useless after about a metre or two. Think in terms of a more powerful flash with hot shoe. The delay that one gets between pressing the shutter and the photo being taken is about 2 seconds but if a feature is available where five shots are taken in quick succession it overcomes this disappointment - unfortunately the flash does not work with it.

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