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  Lillylou 09:29 27 Jul 2003

I want to buy a digital camera but I don't know much about them. I have seen one that has 3,2m pixels, 16mb memory, 2x digital zoom, USB cable, software included and is Smart Media compatible. This seems to be quite good. Do I just plug in the USB cable to down load the pictures also how many pictures can a 16mb Smart Card hold.

  TechMad 09:41 27 Jul 2003

The 16MB smart card may be able to hold a varying number of images depending on how detailed the images are.

My 16MB xD picture card stores 25 fine detailed 2.0 Megapixel or 39 at normal quality. However if I use the 1.0 megapixel setting I can squeeze nearly 50 pictures.

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:46 27 Jul 2003

"Do I just plug in the USB cable to down load the pictures" - yes, as long as you have your gateway software open.

  keith-236785 09:52 27 Jul 2003

dont worry too much about how many pics you can fit on 16mb, as smart media cards are so cheap you can easily buy a larger card.

smart readers are readily available at a good price if thats what you wanted, but in answer to your question Yes you just plug the camera into the USB cable and download the images, if you have a lot though be aware that this process can use your batteries pretty quickly.

I would recommend a card reader and a larger smart media card

as TechMad says it depends on the quality of shot you choose as to how many you can fit on your card.

my camera is a 2.1 megapixel camera but i use it on 1 megapixel and the pics are great.

  jakedawe 10:44 27 Jul 2003

You don't say what price this camera comes in at. Digital zoom is less than useless (you can do the same thing on your PC) try to get one with optical zoom and go for 3x or greater. Also go for a card reader, makes downloading easier! You should also get rechargeable batteries.

Prices are coming down all the time, but if you are only going to take snapshots consider going for a 2 MP, you will get more features for your money including optical zoom.

  Stuartli 10:48 27 Jul 2003

Your specification describes a very large number of digital cameras...:-)

There are some seemingly good buys on the Argos/Jungle websites at prices from around £70 upwards to around £500 - some of these are 3MP models at around £200 from good makes.

Best though to first try out any digital or film cameras you are considering in respect of handling, ease of use, features etc and then decide from the top two or three.

Visiting somewhere like Jessops (which also offers very keen prices) will enable you to do so.

  muddypaws 10:49 27 Jul 2003

Lillylou. Just bought ( 6 weeks ago) Kodak DX 4330. Very pleased with it. I suugest you get one that has optical zoom as a priority. Digital zoom blows up the pixels as well and picture soon goes down in quality. Mine has 3X optical and either 3 or 4 digital. Optical is from 38--110. 110 is only twice the magnification of a standard camera lens (50). So if you can get a 4X optical it would be much better. With the Kodak there are interchangeable lenses available. Don't know how much though. For downloading I just plug the USB into the camera and job done.

  muddypaws 10:52 27 Jul 2003

The numer of pictures on mine varies with the quality setting ie excellent, good or normal. I have a 64mb card and on normal it will take about 180 pictures down to 51 on excellent.

  jbaker65 11:03 27 Jul 2003

Hi Lily, I have a Fuji 2600z which is 2.1 megapixels. It has 3 times optical zoom and is very easy to use. I would certainly recommend it for a first time buy and you could buy it from the States through eBay for £80-100. It uses smart media memory cards. A 64 meg card costs about £13-15. A card reader is a big advantage. Hope this helps, John.

  daba 11:47 27 Jul 2003

Fuji FinePix S304.

This 3.2MPixel SLR look-alike boasts 6x optical zoom.

Fantastic Camera. Does 60sec AVI's, with sound.

You can attach 'sound notes' to pics.

Can also be used as WebCam

Uses new format xD picture card storage, which is optimised to conserve battery life (important). I've got 128MB card which holds about 320 pics at 2M resolution.

Check on Web - can be got for less than £300 : I paid £304 at Argos - a special, probably finished.

Got a Card reader for xD for 9.99 at

  hssutton 11:47 27 Jul 2003

It's very difficult to choose a camera for someone else, as we all have our likes and dislikes. So just a couple of points to make. Forget digital zoom it's a total waste of time. I would suggest a minimum of 3 Mp, also if you wish to make decent prints you will certainly need a much bigger card than 16MB. I would never consider putting anything less than a 128 Mb card in my camera, which is 5Mp so for a 3Mp camera I would suggest at least 64Mb cards

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