Digital camera woes

  birkdalite 18:14 30 Apr 2003

Having been interested in and practiced photography for over 50 yrs I have considered myself as a more than adequate photographer, so recently I decided to try my hand at digital!!!
Oh 'eck not a good move, the camera I bought will do every thing but make a cup of tea, but I would swap most of it to be able to produce a sharp picture. So far about 2 out of 50.The business of having to use two pressures on the shutter and then a small delay is driving me mad, and no provision for cable release either ?? Will I ever get the hang ? or is it back to the D&P houses and sharp pictures again.Anyone else been through this or am I thick or even too old ?

  monkeyshine 18:20 30 Apr 2003

You don't mention the model of the camera.

  woodchip 18:27 30 Apr 2003

send your E-Mail through little envelope by my name and I will send you a couple of pics for you to look at I am no expert camera only 2.3Meg

  Diemmess 18:43 30 Apr 2003

If you have 2:50 it suggests you are missing something in using the camera. The 2 good ones are your anchor.

It would help if you say which camera you have, or at least how many pixels it uses.

Agree entirely that the "shutter" delay is a pain, but you need £1K plus a lot to have a sports reporter's job

Bought myself a better one only a week ago and it it has more buttons scattered around the outside than you can shake a stick at. ........ looks very smart but not good instructions in the paper manual and 200 pages of CD manual are not much clearer.

  birkdalite 19:13 30 Apr 2003

Monkeyshine--Canon S30 3.2 Megapix
Diemmess---Yes I am missing a lot, the trouble with the anchor is, it seems as though it's around my neck at the moment. Still! if at first and all that. Cheers

  PA28 19:34 30 Apr 2003

I've had 3 digital cameras so far - Samsung (so so), Fuji (first rate, even at 1.2 mp) and Olympus (OK at 2mp, but still getting used to it). Haven't had any problems with focus/sharpness which is as good as any medium price 35mm compact. And maybe there's the rub - none of them compare with a 35mm SLR of a similar price range. I wish that someone would simply produce a digital back that I could use with my old Minolta and Canon SLRs, as the lenses on these cameras are far superior to (most) compacts - either digital or 35mm.

However is your problem with your camera? How many of your 35mm pictures have you scanned and viewed on screen? How many have you printed on your (inkjet?) printer. If it's shake that's causing the problem is it because of the light weight of a digital camera, or perhaps the "double press"?

I agree that the price of anything near comparable quality in digital is probably around 4x or more (when you consider printers as well) that of film - in the cost of hardware. Running costs are generally a lot less, particularly if you only print those pictures that you want. But to me the key benefit is the sheer ease and convenience of digital, not to mention the creative potential.

I have taken more pictures with my digital compact in the last month or so, then I would take in a year with my SLR. I am capturing mundane events rather than the Christmas and Holiday pictures of the past - and it's the mundane events that actually make up most of life. True, I am less selective and do not have the skills of others (which I am practising on!). But even with a large failure rate, I am still getting more good pictures on digital than I ever did on film. I wouldn't go back - stick with it birkdalite, even if it means buying another camera that you are more comfortable with.

  bruno 19:35 30 Apr 2003

Persevere with it,you should get good results with that spec camera.I have had good 35mm cameras for a long time and have had a 2.3 Mg pixel Fuji for the last 2 years.I get good results from that apart from the one problem with shutter delay.I suggest you keep your old camera for the occasions when you need it.I tried last week to photograph my grandsons on a trampolene and you never saw such crap pictures!No heads, no feet, no grandsons!

  siouxah1 19:45 30 Apr 2003


I would hazard a guess that it is camera shake that causes most problems with Digital cams.

To prove it one way or another, set up on a tripod in good light. Use the time delay to release the shutter. Try a series and see what transpires.

Be careful with the zoom!

I use a Minolta Dimage 5 and tend to use manual focus a lot. Took a lot of practise to get used to it. I changed from Fujitsu to Minolta to escape the shutter lag.

Persevere, you will win.

Regards Brian j

  [email protected]#36 20:03 30 Apr 2003


I bought the Powershot S30 12 months ago and am still getting to grips with all its functions.
Check the resolution and compression settings first. For general usage I stick with M2 and S respectively. The number of shots this leaves you with depends obviously on the size of the memory card.
Using the Auto setting produces excellent shots and I have occasionally used the other settings.
Finally check that you don't have the digital zoom set, this is a waste of time and I find that changing the resolution to L gives me a picture that I can enlarge and crop using the software and get the desired zoom.
For interest you can see some examples of shots with my camera at click here
most taken in very low light.
I suspect that it is a case of practice makes perfect but with your previous experience that is probably a case of eggs and straws!
All the best

  birkdalite 20:19 30 Apr 2003

WHAT A LOVELY LOT YOU ARE!! thanks for your encouragement. A lot of my trouble is obviously camera shake and trying to come to terms with ***!!*** paralax having been spoilt for many years using Nikon SLR. Ah well!! back to the practice ground. Thanks again I feel a bit better

  misery 20:35 30 Apr 2003

Keep going, I've used Minolta for more years than I care to recall from the Autocord up to the 9Xi and all in between. Gave the last away to grandson for his work at art college and got a Minolta 203. shake was the initial problem due to shutter delay but now all is well and am enjoying photography once more.

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