Digital camera without PC?

  tanzanitre 20:27 07 Dec 2004

As my dad has no Pc but is fascinated by the digital photography I thought I might treat him to a Camera and printer package that dosnt require a Pc.

I been looking at the Kodak range and reckon they seem the best choice.Im just wondering if theres other ways to store his pictures rather than him having to print them all out.Yes he could save them on memory cards but surely this would be expensive in the long run? If pictures can be viewed on tv could they therfore be recorded onto video?

All sugestions welcome


  Salinger 20:30 07 Dec 2004

Jessops and Boots have a service whereby he can transfer them to CDs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 07 Dec 2004

Or ASDA £5 50 photos

The CDs can then be played in a stand alone DVD player (£30) on the TV.

  tanzanitre 20:35 07 Dec 2004

Yes that sounds good,he has dvd player so that would be fine.How many pics would you get on a cd roughly?

  tanzanitre 20:38 07 Dec 2004

No ASDA here

  CHAIRLEG 20:41 07 Dec 2004

Hi tanzanitre.I have kodak easy share camera and printer dock and you get all the bits and bobs so you can plug into tele and record your phots on to video.

  tanzanitre 20:44 07 Dec 2004

Hi! can I ask what you think of the camera and printer? Is it easy to use, good print quality?


  Salinger 20:49 07 Dec 2004

How far away are you from your dad, you could put the photos on a CD for him - a lot cheaper than a commercial outfit.

  Cook2 20:52 07 Dec 2004

Just over 400 in ,jpeg format.

  tanzanitre 20:52 07 Dec 2004

I could if I wasnt moving to spain in the new year :-)

  tanzanitre 20:54 07 Dec 2004

Gees really!! That many on one cd....Crikey.

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