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Digital camera question.

  hiwatt 13:55 29 Oct 2008

Hi folks,not strictly computer related but can anyone please recommend a good quality digital camera at a reasonable price?It's for a gift and I know nothing about cameras.Thankyou.

  ened 14:22 29 Oct 2008

Do you want to give a 'Compact' or DSLR?

The former is more of a point and shoot but these days will take extremely good pics.

The DSLR is for the slightly more serious photographer and has interchangeable lenses.

  hiwatt 18:19 29 Oct 2008

Hi folks.Thanks for your suggestions.I don't really have a set budget but I'm thinking about £50-80?It doesn't really need to have a lot of functions,just to be able to take good quality photo's and be able to view them on the camera screen and update them to the computer.As I said,I know nothing about digital cameras.Thanks.

  Stuartli 18:26 29 Oct 2008

Try one of the Canon Powershot models that have a "proper" viewfinder rather than the user having to peer at a tiny screen.

The range basically uses the same body whilst adding extra features and more megapixels the more you pay. The A560 is available at Argos for a remarkable price of £60:

click here

and uses the well regarded, yet still low cost Secure Digital cards.

  Weskit 18:51 29 Oct 2008

Probably outside your price range but I find my Canon Ixus 80IS is a smart little camera which does all I want. Viewfinder, SD card, 8 Mp, video at 640 x 480, very handy size...

  hssutton 19:00 29 Oct 2008

I've just received an email from PhaseOne saying "now you can also afford the best" Only 13,999 euros.
Any of you happy snappers fancy one :)

  woodchip 19:04 29 Oct 2008

As above try to get one as above with proper viewfinder, as just using Screen may not be so good in bright sunlight. Have a look in Argos. The Lens is more impotent than mega pixels 4meg pixel should be enough

  Edbanger 19:36 29 Oct 2008

I bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ5, after using different Canon A series cameras for a number of years.

I always liked having a viewfinder, but I can honestly say I have never missed it since buying the TZ5 in June. The Panasonic has a 3" screen which is larger than some on DSLR's.

  Stuartli 20:20 29 Oct 2008

See my posting at 18:26...:-))

  hiwatt 12:11 30 Oct 2008

Thanks again folks.The canon A560 sounds good and has everything needed.I'll go for that one.Thanks for the advice.

  Stuartli 15:41 31 Oct 2008

It's a good price - I paid that for the 1GB equivalent a few weeks ago.

Mind you when I first bought my Minolta digital camera, which takes SD and MMC cards, I paid £25 for a humble 32MB MMC card to go with it...:-(

At least it held more than the 8MB card supplied with the camera......

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