digital camera query

  Big Trev 11:40 03 Apr 2004

I have acheap Samsung Digimax 101 digital camera, and have used Digimax Viewer 1.0 to retrieve the pictures.

Normally I just connect the camera to the USB cable (which IS connected to the USB hub on the PC, before anyone suggests it) and the programme starts automatically showing the most recent pictures. I can then do with them what I will.

However, I have just plugged the camera in and nothing has happened. If I open the Digimax Viewer Programme manually it doesn't see the camera.

Also, when I plug the USB cable into the camera the display goes dark.

An icon appears in the task bar for "Safely Remove Hardware" when I plug the camera in. This is also a new phenomenon.

I know the camera may be broken, but my experience with computers suggests that the PC is probably to blame.

Ha s anyone any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation.

  rawprawn 11:48 03 Apr 2004

I think it may be more likely to be a problem with the hub. Try plugging the camera usb directly into a usb port on the computer.

  Big Trev 12:02 03 Apr 2004

I switched the cable from the USB hub at the front of the PC to one at the back and still have the same problem.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong with the USB ports?

  Graham ® 12:10 03 Apr 2004

Look in Device Manager for Properties and Power on each hub.

  spargo 12:12 03 Apr 2004

Uninstall the software, then reinstall it, this cured a similar problem with my Kodak.

  Big Trev 12:48 03 Apr 2004

The USB hubs are self poewered and the reinstall thing hasn't worked (I'd a ctually given that a go already). Thanks for the suggestions though.

Any other ideas?

  dfghjkl 12:50 03 Apr 2004

happened to my kodak,i had to install software again before i plugged in

  rawprawn 12:54 03 Apr 2004

Did you dp as Graham suggested & look at the device manager ?if so are they working OK.By the way in my first post I didn't mean just to change the usb plug in point, but to bypass the hub totally & plug the camera directly into the computer. but if the device manager says that your hubs are OK then so be it.

  Mango Grummit 13:04 03 Apr 2004

Have you any other USB devices to plug in and check if these work and by doing so eliminating either the camera or the port or a bad connection?

  Big Trev 13:06 03 Apr 2004

The device manager says all things USB related are working properly. Indeed there are no yellow exclamation marks on display anywhere in the device manager.

Rawprawn, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by plugging the camera directly into the PC and bypassing the USB ports. As far as I am aware, the only means of connecting the camera to the PC is via a USB cable, which has to be plugged into a USB port. (I realise I've probably caused you all to groan and think "Who's the dimwit?" but my knowledge hasn't extended this far, it would seem.)

  panhandle 13:18 03 Apr 2004

Open MY Computer, look at "Devices with removable storage",if there is a Drive E or whatever letter is not normally there, that will be the camera. Open it from there.
You can at least see your pix, but it does not address the problem!

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