digital camera or video camera?

  7 01:31 31 Aug 2003

kindly guide me which digital camera for stll photo graphy to buy andcheaper and good quality and also which video camera to buy and which company.....plz help me out

  darran_p 02:34 31 Aug 2003

I would highly recommend the Sony DSC-P8 Cybershot digital camera. Just bought one and it is fantastic, great quality still photography and pretty good video. With a big enough memory stick you can have 90mins of high quality video, so you don't need to bother with a seperate video camera...
However, see my posting about the sony driver issues relating to data transfer in XP.

  hssutton 09:13 31 Aug 2003

As camera prices range from several £1000s down to minus £100. What do you call cheap and also what do you call good. As mentioned above the Sony is very good, But even Sony now appear to be admitting that "Memory Stick" was a bad idea as on their latest camera they have incorporated compactflash.

  7 00:39 01 Sep 2003

thank u for the reply but would u please tell me wat is pixels , optical zoom,etc...kindly tell me wat that means and which is good to remain in mind when buy either of two...i am totally new to this....

  Mango Grummit 07:28 01 Sep 2003

A complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video. click here

  Dan 09:48 01 Sep 2003 do some more research.

A few sites of interest are

click here

click here

click here

click here

you need to decide how much you want to spend,
what you want to use the cameras for, where you want to show your pictures - on screen, by email or as standard prints or larger prints and so on, whether you want something that fits in your pocket, whether you want something to point and shoot or something that gives you a lot of features.

Sorry to be so pedantic but digital photography is a big and pretty expensive field and you need to cut down the scope of your questions just like you would if you were looking for something in google.

(All this being true I have a Canon S45 and am very happy with it)

  7 02:43 03 Sep 2003

thank u all of u and dan for kind support and help....i want to use this as an ammateur one and as i don't know much abt this but i want to use for all i.e take and send by email and also take some print outs.....

  Stuartli 09:49 03 Sep 2003

Always get the best you can, whether digital camera or camcorder.

You can't improve inferior quality results but you can, for instance, obtain excellent prints from multi-megapixel digital cameras or reduce/compress file sizes so that they can be sent by e-mail or use for web pages.

My son bought the Sony DCR-PC8 digital camcorder for around £650 late last year from LetsGoDigital and it produces excellent videos and sound.

On the digital camera side stick to the big names such as Canon, Sony, Minolta (now also tied up with Konica), Olympus, Nikon etc.

It's worth noting that the memory type which is coming to the fore more and more is Secure Digital SD), with which MultiMedia Cards (MMC) are also usually compatible; they are cheaper but also slightly slower.

Worth keeping an eye open for digital cameras that use SD; my Minolta Dimage S203 uses it and the SD card is about the size of a postage stamp.

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