digital camera not downloading

  webster1275 12:08 20 Dec 2003

I am running win 98se and my digital camera did work perfectly but i reinstalled win at some point and reinstalled camera software now it will not download have since bought a compact flash reader and it to will not download the driver disc that came with it will not run need dllnewdev message which i have downloaded from the net then i get the message , need program exe have looked at conflicts and nothing comes up it appears that none of my usb hubs are working now as i have just tried my joystick which i havent used for quite some time and it does not work is it time for the old gal to go to the computer workshop in the sky
any help much appreciated

  Gongoozler 12:41 20 Dec 2003

Hi stu. My Windows 98se installation doesn't have either newdev.dll or program.exe. I wonder if perhaps you have tried to install a driver for a different version of Windows. Another possibility is that you haven't fully installed the motherboard drivers.

I tried a web search for newdev.dll or program.exe. One site where newdev.dll was mentioned said that it should be placed in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. The only references I found to program.exe suggested that it is used for "opening files of type URL:hypertext transfer protocol", and so shouldn't affect your usb ports.

What motherboard do you have? That may give us some more clues.

  Stuartli 14:25 20 Dec 2003

My digital camera (Minolta Dimage E203) becomes, in effect, a removable drive when attached to my system.

I then drag the pix files from the drive (R) to my normal digital pictures folder.

In the case of my 7 in 1 card reader, there are four "removable" drives from F to I.

Are all your drive letters enabled?

  webster1275 11:36 21 Dec 2003

My motherboard is a pc266 socket a m810 series
the camera did operate originaly as a removable drive and everything was fine nikon coolpix i will try the motherboard drivers again as it is possible i have missed one although according to the computer system info the usb hubs are all working fine bit of a mystery to me although i am no expert i can usually battle my way through most problems.What i can not understand is as i have reinstalled windows etc everything should operate as it did originally
thanks for your help

  webster1275 11:40 21 Dec 2003

Just another thought when i click on manual download in nikonview it tells me that the card reader or camera does not have a card in it

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