digital camera inputs/usb and XP

  eccomputers 19:59 30 Jun 2003

This may be of use to some of you, as I spent hours on the phone to Nikon and they couldnt resolve the problem. A customer of mine purchased one of their cameras and it wouldnt work properly on xp. The devices were all listed correctly, but the images wouldnt transfer.
The one thing which none of the documentation mentioned, or indeed Nikon didnt ask, was "is the pc on a network". When you connect the camera it wants to assign drive 'E:' as the camera but this was mapped to a network drive. By accident I noticed the device in admin tools as having no drive reference letter. When I unmapped drive E from the network, hey presto it all came into life. Nikon were astonished.

  Despicable Desperado 20:56 30 Jun 2003

Just for general info the first drive letter that should be used for a network drive is 'F', anything below that should be reserved for local use. This is the default standard used by all network installers/engineers

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