Digital Camera - Fuji S602

  [DELETED] 20:57 01 Dec 2003

I am looking to purchase a new camrea for christmas. I am looking at the fuji s602 at the minute. DOes anyone know the difference between the normal version and the pro version as there is a £15 difference in mrice but I cannot find any difference in the spec?
The s7000 looks attractive too but the reviews dont justify the HUGE increase in price.

Any other camera suggestions would be appreciated too if you think they are more sutable for taking indoor sports shots.


  [DELETED] 21:23 01 Dec 2003

the main difference between the Pro and Zoom 602 is the inclusion of a PC socket on the Pro. This lets you attach a cable release primarily for studio use but it is useful for long exposure with a tripod.

It also comes with an MS drive (can be 340 mb or 1 gb depending on the offer). I think there are a few other bits and pieces but from memory they are the main differences

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If you need to know anything about the Fuji range of digital camaras pop along to this forum click here and go to the forums then the Photo Vault and ask a nice guy called HairyHaggis.



  [DELETED] 09:49 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for the link to the Photo Vault. Did not know of that one.

  hssutton 11:41 02 Dec 2003

Although the 602 is capable of taking quite good photos it is not really suitable for indoor sports photography.
Unless you have very bright lighting you will find this type of photography very difficult. As with most digicams the inbuilt flash is very limited. This + shutterlag make sports photography a little hit & miss affair. The Minolta A1 would probably fit the bill, especially with it having an inbuilt "image stabaliser" + it's superior handling especially in manual mode,however this costs much more than the 602 & Approx 600-650 £s. Idealy you need to go into a camera shop Preferably with your own memory card and test a few cameras

  [DELETED] 12:43 02 Dec 2003

The S602 has a hot shoe for bigger flashes. (at least mine does)

  [DELETED] 13:07 02 Dec 2003

Just to make it even more difficult...
The subject should be well illuminated but no flash is allowed.

  hssutton 14:23 02 Dec 2003

No Flash, in that case I think you should have a look at the Minolta A1, but as I said £650 as apposed to the Fuji at £380. As it's almost Christmas you could buy yourself the Canon 300D, perfect for what you want

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