digital camera file types

  EKD 17:45 02 Nov 2005

Am confused re file types (JPEG, TIFF, et al) and the right way to use them. This despite recent workshop article in PC Advisor.

My situation is pretty simple, probably typical. My camera creates photos in JPEG. Before printing or e-mailing I want to spruce up the photo, most frequently by cropping, sometimes severely, often repeatedly. 99 pct of these photos are of people, especially my 2 year old granddaughter who of course doesn't sit still very long.

Main questions are:
1. will I lose photo quality by staying in JPEG as I edit, re-edit the photo? (As a precaution, I always save the original, un-cropped JPEG file and do the editing on a re-named file.)
2. If so, what file type should I use?
3. what file type should I print from?
4. what file type should I use for e-mailing (believe I know the answer to this one - JPEG)?

There was stuff on these questions in a PC Advisor article. But the article covered the whole subject from several angles. With result that I was left wondering what to do to avoid some awful trap.

Thanks in advance for help,
Edward (aka doting grandfather)

  hssutton 17:59 02 Nov 2005

Answer to ?1 yes re-editing a Jpeg will lose quality.

?2 You can still keep the original as Jpg, but always work on a copy (just as a matter of interest I always use Tiffs, then convert to Jpg for the net)

?3 Prints from an original Jpg are fine.

?4 Jpg for emailing.

  961 18:02 02 Nov 2005

If you get acceptable results then stick with JPEG. E-mailing photos using anything other than JPEG results in large files that take ages to download.

If you print photos up to A4 and get acceptable results then that's fine. If you find the quality falls off then consider taking the photos with the camera set to RAW if it will do that. This will produce the best quality, but you'll still need to convert to JPEG to e-mail

  woodchip 18:07 02 Nov 2005

Do all Editing and saving in Tiff, When you have done you can then save as Jpeg. If you keep doing the above as Jpeg, every time you save quality will be lost. And you cannot get it back

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