Digital camera download problem

  Sparky3327 15:41 27 Apr 2003

My friend has a Samsung Digimax 340 camera with a 16Mb flashcard. When it comes to downloading the photos onto his PC he encounters a problem.
It downloads between 10-15 out of the required pics and then packs in.
Only on occasion are the pictures saved onto his PC, but often they do not save.
There is nothing wrong with the flash card as it works with my system. He's tried re-installing the software to no avail, and also wiping his card to start again with no luck.
He runs Windows XP on a machine of 256Mb RAM and large HDD.
He's not got much hair as it so any help to preserve what he's got left would be welcome.

  graham√ 15:54 27 Apr 2003

Is the battery on the camera going flat after a while, I wonder? A card reader would solve the problem.

  woodchip 16:04 27 Apr 2003

Does it show a camera Icon or a Drive letter as I had the 230 but sent it back. As above use a Card Reader, as he tried just drag and drop in explorer to copy files to a folder

  Sparky3327 16:33 27 Apr 2003

He's tried dragging and dropping but it refuses to do that aswell. I'll suggest he tries changing his batteries first, then to use a card-reader.

  Sparky3327 16:34 27 Apr 2003

Woodchip, where does he look for the drive letter/icon?

  mikeyb59 17:06 27 Apr 2003

Have to say that following earlier advice I have never used supplied software from Olympus (earlier) or Fuji (current).

XP does a fine job of recognising my camera (as a removable drive in "My computer". From there its a simple matter to copy into whatever software I choose.

Hope this is of some help.

  rickf 18:53 27 Apr 2003

The new icon should appear when you double click on my comp. It shoukld come up as another drive depending on the no. of drives you have on your comp already.

  accord 18:56 27 Apr 2003

yeah mine is "removeable drive F" when i connect my digi cam.

  woodchip 21:30 27 Apr 2003

In Windows Explorer at the bottom of page. He will see a Camera icon or Extra Drive letter

  HardChikn 22:07 27 Apr 2003

Hi, I had a similar problem with a Fuji FineFix 6900Z cos i kept flattening the batteries during downloads. Using the external power source during downloads sorted my problem. You may want to give that a try.

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