digital camera connection problem

  floyd 768 22:06 12 Mar 2004

I have a fuji digital camera which i have used on my pc before using windows xp. After reformating my hard drive i can no longer get my camera to work, xp detects the new hardware tries to download the driver then comes back saying there was a problem an error occured during installation and that the data is invalid.
I have checked in the Device Manager and under Universall Serial Bus Connectors it says Usb Mass Storage with a yellow Exclamation mark next to it. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers to no affect and have thought of buying a card reader but will this cure the problem or will i be stuck with a cardreader and still the same problem . Please help

  pat2068 22:20 12 Mar 2004


  Demora 22:29 12 Mar 2004

Card readers are fine. BUT you need to sort out the USB

If you click on the error in device manager there should be an explanation for the yellow marking.

You don't say if the usb was added after the purchase of the computer ie a pci card. if so this should have had an installation cd. You could also try for a driver update contained in winXP device manager. Someplace

A card reader though is very useful. I have never loaded the driver for either of my casio cameras and use the card reader all the time. Much faster.

I hope I've given you some pointers.

  floyd 768 23:06 12 Mar 2004

Thanks for your help the usb came with the pc i am having no trouble with the usb ports i have plugged my printer into them without a problem . I have tried clicking on the error in device manager it says to click on reinstall driver, which i do but the same problem happens again

  TTP 23:15 12 Mar 2004

You dont mention your camera, as I have a 40i and XP just takes it onboard and goes into 'select an application' mode to view/print pictures/file management etc. Bear in mind that anything connected to USB is labelled Mass Storage (if it has any memory capabilities)!

  floyd 768 23:45 12 Mar 2004

its a Fujifilm Finepix A201

  floyd 768 23:48 12 Mar 2004

Work in the morning i would like to say thanks to all and any more suggestions i will reply to tomorrow thanx

  Demora 23:51 12 Mar 2004

See if fuji have a new driver for the camera. Also you could do what I did with a modem driver that gave me days of trouble. I made a file on the desktop and copied the cd into it. I then did the install from there.

Without being there theres no way of really knowing just what xp is playing at.


  anchor 09:09 13 Mar 2004

I have had 2 different Fuji cameras, and I found them notoriously difficult to connect. This was something Fuji recognised, and even had a web page dedicated to this problem.

I gave up in the end, and used a card reader. Much easier!.

  floyd 768 10:56 13 Mar 2004

thanx to all looks like a card reader for me then

  floyd 768 10:56 13 Mar 2004

thanx to all looks like a card reader for me then

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