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  Mastermind 23:33 05 Jun 2003

I'm intending to start a website and I need a digital camera to take some photos for it.

I'm not sure whether to get a cheap 640x480 "web cam" or pay a bit more for something better, maybe 2 Megapixels.

Any recommendations?

  User-312386 23:38 05 Jun 2003

for something like a website i would get a digital camera with 1.3 megapixels

you dont need high resolution, just a clean image


  Mastermind 23:45 05 Jun 2003

Have you got any suggestions?

  imarcus2 23:47 05 Jun 2003

Speaking as a recent convert to DI from traditional SLR and films and scanning to get my digital images -- I would go for at least the 2MP camera. You can always REDUCE the image size [in the file size sense] and throw away some of your lens quality,BUT you can't regain quality from a crap image of the 640x480 that the webcam limits you to.

my personal investigation shows that my Minolta S304 at 3.3 MP produces cleaner and more detailed images than even Nikon 4000 scanned slides/colour negatives from my Nikon SLR.

Anything less than 2MP will leave you frustrated in a shortwhile is my opinion.


  User-312386 23:49 05 Jun 2003

to be honest i have a Fuji finepix, which is now obselete.

I find fuji easy to use, look at my web site click here and click on the pictures link and see what you think


  Bagsey 08:29 06 Jun 2003

For web site photos I would buy the really cheap Style Cam Blink by SiPix. £35.00. Its only problem is that you must put in a new battery AAA size befor you go out as flat battery mean no photos retained in the camera. (CMOS chip storage). But it will give you photos at 640 x 480 (about 100)or (300 at web sizes) 320 x 240 what more do you need especially if cash is a question. I use mine as a very light weight, hanging round the neck camera for when I go out walking. I find it just great and I have no worries about losing it, as has happened in the past.I got mine from Amazon UK

  anchor 08:45 06 Jun 2003

It is true that if you only intend to take nothing more than pictures for a web site, then a 1.3Mp camera will suffice.

However, I agree completly with imarcus with he said that anything less than 2Mp will leave you frustrated. I am sure that at some time you will wish to take pictures for printing, and the low resolution cameras will leave you disappointed.

If you want some recommedations in this category, post again, giving us an idea of your budget range.

  Mastermind 22:29 06 Jun 2003

If I decided to get a "proper" digital camera my budget would be between £100 and £200.

What can you recommend?

  GroupFC 23:05 06 Jun 2003

Have a look at my thread click here

  Mastermind 23:24 06 Jun 2003

I have already looked at this. So far I have been looking at the following:

Kodak Easyshare CX4210
Kodak Easyshare CX4230
Fuji Finepix A202
Fuji Finepix A203

Opinions and suggestions would be appreciated.

  anchor 09:46 07 Jun 2003

Just done a quick check on the Fuji A203 images, and the results look excellent.

Review here

click here

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