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  toga 19:36 22 Feb 2003

hi I have a concord eye-Q 3x optical zoom digital camera. I changed the battery today and everything was working fine until I downloaded some photos, and then deleted the originals from the camera (using photoImpression).

now I can't save any photos I take as I keep getting an error message as follows: "menory full" although there are no images stored, followed by "assertion failed svsettings.c line: 174".

I have e-mailed the company but was wondering if anyone knew what the problem is?

  Cordy13 19:43 22 Feb 2003

I believe I read somewhere, while browsing, that deleting images via the computer can lead to the storage medium (Card) experiencing problems when you next use it. I think the solution was to reformat the Card while in the camera, NOT via the PC. Sorry can't be more specific.

  'oppy 20:29 22 Feb 2003

toga, I would do as cordy13 says, reformat while in the camera.I had something similar with my little fuji finepix some time ago, couldnt understand what was happening so I reformatted the disk in camera and was ok after that.

  Stuartli 21:18 22 Feb 2003

I've always deleted pix from the camera itself (Minolta Dimage E203) and, touch wood, have had no problems.

By the way, is the Eye-Q any good? I was thinking of getting one a while back before I spotted the Minolta at £200 (the Eye-Q was £149 - now down to a third of that price!)

It appeared to have a rather nifty viewfinder.

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