Digital Camcorder, movies to CD-R help

  _chris_ 21:54 28 Dec 2003

Just purchased my first camcorder (Canon MV650i).

What is the easiest way to transfer my video footage to CD-R ?

Everything I've read so far from the manufacturers literature refers to transfering images/movies from the cams SD Memory card. As the card is only 8Mb it holds about 10 seconds of video footage !!! There is I assume a way of transfering from tape direct to PC ?

The cam uses Digital Video Solutions software v5 from Canon which allows transfer of video and images via usb cable to PC but only data on the memory card seems to be able to be transferred.

Apologies for the noob question, probably missing something really simple here, any help appreciated.


  christmascracker 22:08 28 Dec 2003
  Pamy 22:10 28 Dec 2003

in simple terms you connect your camcorder to you PC via the USB(or more preferable Firewire)connector.Press play on your camcorder and record(or capture) on your computer software and the video is transfered to your hard drive. You can then burn that movie to a CD (VCD_

Its not quite that simple and I would suggest that you read some magazines on the subject.


  _chris_ 13:30 30 Dec 2003

Thanks for the help guys (and lady :))....

It would appear the supplied Pinnacle Studio 8 software serves this exact purpose. All I need now is a 4Pin - 6Pin 1394 IEEE cable and I'm all set.

I asked the guy in Jessops is there anything else I ought to be buying at the time of purchase but he never mentioned I'd need a firewire cable. Pretty fundemenal to getting your movies onto your PC I'd say. In fact why don't Canon bundle one with the higher end camcorders? It's a bit like those vendors that sell printers and don't supply the necessary cable, very annoying once you get it home and find you can't use it.

  christmascracker 13:55 30 Dec 2003

I suppose because not everyone that buys a camcorder has a pc.

Hope you enjoy video editing, it's rather adictive once you start.

I'm a "lady" too by the way ;-))

  christmascracker 14:01 30 Dec 2003

You might find these sites of some use

click here

click here

click here

  rogertjj 15:35 30 Dec 2003

I have Pinnacle Studio 8, and firewire cable from click here

Couldn't be easier to use, plug in the camcorder, turn it on, and click 'Capture'. Then you can edit the video, and burn it to VCD, SVCD or DVD.

Does require a lot of hard disk space though. Good luck and have fun.

  _chris_ 19:06 30 Dec 2003

Thanks for your advice once again...

Roger....have firewire cable from PC World, looking forward to getting stuck into it. Looked briefly at PS8 and it looks fairly straightforward :) was the non gender specific name which did it *rolls eyes*. Thanks for the links, you're too kind. I can well believe it is addictive. Are you an old (or not so) hand at this then ? I'm always open to help and advice from a fellow enthusiast, off forum of [email protected] for messenger ;o)). Look forward to saying hi :-p

  christmascracker 19:14 30 Dec 2003

No haven't been into it for long only since July when hubby very kindly bought me a camcorder. We had just been to the British GP at Silverstone and all I had was a digital camera that took small quicktime movies with no sound.

Bought and fitted a firewire card as my PC didn't have one and away I went.

As with most things, trial and error is the best way to learn.


  _chris_ 23:51 30 Dec 2003

Interesting.... If you like F1 I can thoroughly recommend the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Only place you can get up close and personal with F1 drivers and see those cars running in a more relaxed arena. Even the F1 drivers enjoy the day there walking around taking in all the motorsport history. I went this year for the first time and was cursing my lack of a camcorder. Next year I will be ready, my wife is even asking already if we are going !

Took some digital pics but would have taken many more but my camera's battery ran out (another lesson learned !).

If interested click here

I fear we have digressed, but nice to meet a fellow fan ;-)

Thanks again

  _chris_ 23:54 30 Dec 2003

Oh by the way my firewire cable didnt fit :-(

It was a 6Pin to 4Pin as needed but for some reason the 4Pin plug wouldn't fit the Canon usb socket.

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