Digital Camcorder - mini DV/formats

  EFC1878 23:20 27 Jun 2005

I am looking to buy a new digital camcorder (I currently have an analogue camcorder) and would like some advice on the formats.

I ahve read a review that says DVD machines are still having problems with pixellation and don't play on all machines and so I am looking more towards mini DV. Is this the right tying to do?

The same review / magazine said that machines need DV -in to take footage back to the camcorder. Why would I want to? I thoguht the idea was to record then transfer to edit on a PC.

Is not having DV-In a drawback?

  gobi 23:38 27 Jun 2005

1. Yes. miniDV cam is the way to go. More flexible and reliable.

2. Some like to store their edited footage in tape medium - preserving its quality in a reliable medium. Storing in hard drive in DV would take too much space and hard drive is also often prone to failure. Putting it as DVD or VCD would involved compression which would means some loss in video quality. Having a way (DV in)to store an edited footage in DV format to tape is an advantage from this point of view.

  EFC1878 23:42 27 Jun 2005


Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.

Mini DV is sounds like it will be then.

My intention would be to capture onto Pinnacle , edit and burn to a DVD. I presume ther ear eno issues with that aim.

One thing I did wonde ris how much a mini DV can store?

  gobi 23:48 27 Jun 2005

MiniDV would suit your aim.

The recording time in a standard miniDV tape is 60 minutes in SP mode.

  EFC1878 23:52 27 Jun 2005

Thanks for the advice

Only thing to do know then is to choose a camcorder.

Should be a simple issue as there is hardly any choice!!!!!

Any tips?

  gobi 15:51 28 Jun 2005

Different budget gives different specs. In my humble opinion, almost all big brand camcorder's are generally more or less have the same recording ability for normal consumer level. So, it is worth to decide what is the critical purchasing factor for yourself.
For myself, it is the pass through feature as I got lots of analogue project. The last time I look at camcorder market (2004), I was inclined to take a Canon MVX250.
Unfortunately, it turns out that Canon didn't provide the model with an AV out port, which was available at the same Canon model in US.
I ended with a Sony HC40 which gives a good enough performance and ease of use.

One suggestion, perhaps Digital 8 might be useful - you could then use the DV camera to export your old tapes as well.

I use Digital 8 and the quality is great. Capture via firewire.

Suggestion for editing - Adobe Premiere Elemnts or Vegas Movie Studio+DVD - both should serve you very well.

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