digital camcorder downloading to computer

  User-57559786-FBAD-4FC9-BE073ED0C0D16104 21:35 02 May 2005

Having difficulty loading camcorder footage onto computer. asked advice in comet they gave me a firewire componant and soft ware called video wave version 5. Have installed firewire, but pc doesn't recognise camcorder. When you go to control pannel and select cameras and try to add the panasonic camera I have is not there as an option, and it asks for a disk which I don't know where to get from. Have tryed panasonic web site any sugestions please. This is all so I can sent the still footage to relatives via email not even worried about sending the video footage, this rate I would be quicker by carrier pigeon.

  LastChip 21:46 02 May 2005

There are two parts to this operation.

The Firewire part, is the method by which you connect the camera to the computer.

The software part, is where you "capture" your video from the camera on to the computer.

It is I'm afraid, a finicky process.

You have mentioned installing the Firewire card, but have you installed the video software?

  Buchan 35 21:47 02 May 2005

Under the circumstances you`ve described a carrier pigeon is the only option.
Where did you buy the Digi Camera from? Go back to them and ask for the software disc that should have accompanied the camera. Load the software and your camera will be recognised and you`ll be able to download your pics. Best of luck

  lightfeet 23:13 02 May 2005

What operating system are you using? If it's XP I suggest you try capturing & editing with Windows Movie Maker which you can find under All Programs > Accessories. When you open the program if “Capture from Video Device” isn't shown in left hand panel go to File > Capture Video & hopefully your camcorder will be recognised. Best of luck.

  Bagsey 23:48 02 May 2005

If you do what lightfeet says and it works then you should upgrade your windows movie maker to movie maker2.

  stlucia 08:45 03 May 2005

I use a firewire card with my Panasonic camcorder. From memory (it's a long time since I installed it) I installed the firewire card, which was supplied by Pinnacle, and the Pinnacle DV editing software. Pinnacle then instantly recognised the camera. I'm using Win 98 but, as lightfeet says, if you're on Win XP then you should be able to use Windows Movie Maker, instead of Pinnacle or the other well known editors, once the firewire card is installed.

By the way, a CD came with my camera, with a Panasonic program (can't remember its name) for downloading stills from the camera. That program doesn't download ("capture") video though.

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