Digital Cam not recognised

  Audeal 21:00 06 Mar 2004

Hi all. I have been trying all afternoon to install a digital camera for a friend on his Laptop. The Laptop just will not recognise the camera. We install another one a bit later on and it installed fine, but when we came back to this one the problem was still there. I uninstalled the drivers and software and reinstalled the driver without the software but it was no good.

I installed the same two cameras on his desktop without any trouble but it will not work on his laptop. Can anyone please help me with a cure.

His laptop is a Dell (don't know model) and is running windows ME.

  rickf 21:04 06 Mar 2004

It might help if you say what camera it is.

  Audeal 23:00 06 Mar 2004

rickf: Of course you are right about the make but I do not know at present so I will contact my friend tomorrow and find out then get back here when I know.

  ton 00:56 07 Mar 2004

A card reader is very cheap click here and saves the hassle that a lot of cameras have with software.

It is also faster.

  Audeal 02:04 07 Mar 2004

ton: No card. built in memory. Besides, my friend has a Card Reader which is no good for this camera.

  Stuartli 09:29 07 Mar 2004

Does the menu or mode control have a download setting?

XP should recognise the camera as a removable drive - check from My Computer. It even lists four removable drives with correct drive letters for my 7 in 1 card reader when I plug it in (without any card inserted).

  Audeal 15:04 07 Mar 2004

Sorry Stuartli: please check my last post.

No card, built in memory therefore no new drive in My Computer.

The problem is the camera in not recognized as a Plug & Play Hardware and the camera will not operate at all, even after I have installed the Drivers and software by hand.

  Stuartli 15:35 07 Mar 2004

The fact that the memory is built-in shouldn't make any difference to the fact that your system should recognise it - this applies from ME upwards and drivers are not (normally) required.

In some cases there is a requirement to originally install from the CD-ROM to list the drive letters.

However, it would prove far more simple to solve your problem if you could let us know what model and make of camera you are having trouble with, plus the Dell laptop's model number...:-)

The point I made about my card reader was that, even without a card installed, XP immediately lists four removable drives (G, H, I and J) so you can open which ever one of the memory types in inserted - the "removable" drive you use depends on the particular type of card.

  anchor 15:39 07 Mar 2004

Stuartli: The Dell has Windows-ME.

Perhaps the friends desktop has XP?.

  Stuartli 15:52 07 Mar 2004

You've said in your thread that it uses ME, that's why I pointed out that from ME upwards drivers shouldn't be required.......

  Audeal 15:56 07 Mar 2004

I agree that the system should recognize the camera as Plug & Play, but this is the problem, I is not recognizing it in the first instance although it installed OK on his desktop computer.

I have been in touch with my friend now to get the make and model of the cam and Laptop but he is not at home right now and therefore can't give me the details right now so I have to wait until he gets home this evening.

I will post back here when I get the details and see if anyone can help me then.

I have (myself & not my friend)two digicams, one with a card and one without (built in memory).

The cam with the card gives me 4 drives, as you state, and the cam without a card does not give me any drives and requires software to download the pictures taken with it. This is the situation with My friends camera, no card, Software needed to download the pictures. But the cam is not recognized.

It seem that we can not proceed any further with this until I get the details for the cam and Laptop, so I will get back later with the details needed.

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