Digital 7 Heaven or is it hell

  drybones 12:22 14 Jun 2010

I have made a purchase from this company Digital 7 Heaven apart from an e/mail have had nothing has anyone else had any experence with them is it a genuine site and do the windows os keys they
sell??? work I am begining to wonder if Iv'e been a dork or not,I have only been really conned once in six years so far have I just doubled my score, can any one advise me many thank for reading this.

  tullie 12:25 14 Jun 2010

Could we have a link to the site you used?

  rdave13 12:29 14 Jun 2010

If it's this one; click here
Looks as the only contact is via email. Not a very good start.
Wonder if legal selling activation keys without the software?

  drybones 12:35 14 Jun 2010

This is all I have click here
hope this will do I paid for a Windows 7 home premium product key.

  wiz-king 13:36 14 Jun 2010

And, why would you want to buy a key - forged copy of Windows 7?

  drybones 15:10 14 Jun 2010

No it is not a forged copy I purchased a genuine copy,but it is 1 licence copy only and is installed on my desktop PC I wish to run it on my Laptop as well I have put it on there and it is running but only has just over one day to go on the 30 so called trail any way I was advised to buy just a licence and use the software that I OWN but Microsoft charge the earth for a extra licence Ergo trying to buy from elsewhere I was told to get one from E/Bay but am wary of that so wiz-king i'm trying not to be a naughty man honest!

  MAT ALAN 15:25 14 Jun 2010

SO... your trying to buy a licence that microsoft own from an online source...

Digital 7 Heaven have bought these licences from microsoft to sell to you at a hugely reduced fee..

click here

LMAO... you might want to read some of this...

I would say this firm has NO association to microsoft and really should be avoided...

  drybones 15:42 14 Jun 2010

I have read that page and it does not make a lot of sense to me the old ( 74 )and counting brain does not absorve things so easy these days.
Any way I HAVE now received the key I paid for and it legal according to Windows own test so I think has sort of resolved the matter. Many thanks for the input one and all it never ceases to amaze me how willing people are to help and advise other computer users, keep up the good work all of you.

  MAT ALAN 15:48 14 Jun 2010


I fear the worst, valid it may be BUT for how long...
click here
this is another page, along with the spelling mistakes it shows NO association to microsoft.
I still fear you have been duped but at least for now you do have a working copy of your software...

  pheb 14:03 03 Oct 2010

I bought a download of w7 and key, it didnt work, after numerous emails they sent me a disc with it on, after installing the upgrade my laptop keeps crashing, i ask for some help for a local pc shop, he said that the w7 is an illegal copyi have sent this company an email asking for a refund. Also i did use the compatability checker and it says all i needed was an email. This company has no name on the email correspondence, phone number or anything. All i want is a refund to go buy recovery disc from my laptop manufacturer, as i am a carer on a limited income, so i guess wait n c.

  pheb 14:08 04 Oct 2010

Phoned microsoft this morning, this guy is selling non genuine windows 7 discs and license keys, no reply to my emails for a refund either.....


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