Digi Camera. Save Before Download?

  Legslip 08:36 03 Jun 2010

My pal has a Canon Digi Camera and aster he takes a pic he can look at the image on his camera screen and zoom into the image. Is it possible to save a copy of the zoomed image as well as the original one?

  Technotiger 08:41 03 Jun 2010

Yes, that should be possible using a Photo Editor program. I have done it using MGI Photosuite 4, there are plenty of other such programs.

One must save changes to any photograph using the "Save as" option, that way the original photo remains untouched. Best though to make a copy of the original, and then practice with the copy.

  Technotiger 08:43 03 Jun 2010

PS - just read your Title again - photo must be saved to PC first, use a Card Reader to get pics into PC.

  Legslip 08:47 03 Jun 2010

Thank TTiger. It's just that while he is on holiday, in a spare moment he wanted to do some editing on the camera.

  hssutton 12:34 03 Jun 2010

My cameras do not have inbuilt editing features, so I'm no expert, but what would be the point of editing in camera if the camera does not save the edit.

A quick google brought up the following for an Olympus. click here

  Muergo 14:06 03 Jun 2010

Editing in my Canon 110 enables me to plug it straight in to my printer without using PC.

That way you can take printer with you on trips and print out as you go.
My desktop is too bulky to use in the car!

So editing and controlling printer from camera is like the old Polaroid Land but even better.

Buy a 12/240 inverter from Maplin to give you mains in the car, they have several different outputs for around £40 but watch the usage of your car battery.
You need 20 times more amps to get 240v from 12v, but you knew that anyway from O level physics. and there's the converter losses, I don't know how efficient they are but they give off heat so juice is going somewhere else.

  BT 16:42 03 Jun 2010

Its normally posssible to do basic in-camera editing on most digital cameras in the manner you describe. It certainly is on my Fuji and my wife's Pentax. I can even do it on my £30 cheapo from Tescos. Might I suggest that your friend reads the manual, normally the first port of call.

  Muergo 10:33 04 Jun 2010

Well I never, I thought it was only my wife and my mother that didn't read the book before hitting every button before saying the equipment is useless.

My mother even throws things around the room, TV remotes etc when they don't work, and belted a brand new Sony Tv with her fist because she no read book!

  muddypaws 10:51 04 Jun 2010

If you use Picasa photo editing you can do what you want with the photo. Even print the edited version or upload it to their web albums.
It will always remain edited in Picasa and unedited in 'My Pictures' until you save the changes to disc within Picasa. click here

  woodchip 12:14 04 Jun 2010

On some cameras you can save a zoomed Image on the camera as another image. I have Fuji S7000 that does it

  Legslip 02:17 05 Jun 2010

Thanks for the responses. My pal was given the camera, but with no manual otherwise that is where he/we would have looked. We could have tinkered for sometime with the camera to see if it would save an edited snap but all we were after from the site was a yes or no and if yes, an idea as to how. I'll dig around the web to see if I can find the manual. Funny, he was given the CD that came with it but I cannot see the manual on it!

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