Digi Box retune

  jack 20:15 28 Sep 2005

I posted the following in the Digital World forum
so far no takers- but I bet the computerists know a thing or two
Living in the Southeast with Crystal Palace and Norwood Masts as my propogators my digi reception is pretty good- with the exception of 5 which can be 'blocky' from time to time.

Learning of lots of new channels now on air- last night I did a scan. Sure enough all the new channels are in - no blanks except for 5 This has completely gone. The channel count goes from 4 to 6 with out a mention of 5, not even a screen with out of range red dot.

So whats to do?

  De Marcus™ 20:20 28 Sep 2005

Have you tried a fresh rescan jack?

  Stuartli 20:29 28 Sep 2005

Are you talking about a set top box or a PCI TV card?

In recent months there have been a lot of problems with tuning-in certain stations both with the latest set top boxes and TV cards because of the way they are transmitted.

The radio and TV trade has been up in arms about it but things have got a little better lately, although still some way from being perfect.

Surprisingly the older ON/ITVDigital boxes are not affected as is the case with my Pioneer set top box but on some occasions, for instance, I can't get one or more of the four ITV stations on my PC Freeview card.

  De Marcus™ 20:30 28 Sep 2005

click here for previous thread.

  jack 20:45 28 Sep 2005

Well as it seems the old 'uns are best as in my last thread I guess I'll have to keep a pokin

  Stuartli 21:11 28 Sep 2005

I missed that one - unusual with Freeview in the title...:-)

Been using Freeview since 1999 as I've never had any intention of adding to the Murdoch millions.

It never really caught on first time round even with the Champions League football but, since the BBC and partners got involved after the demise of ITVDigital (a disgraceful way to have run a business), it has become far more popular.

Even so the BBC was quite right to get a bit upset when the subscription channels started in view of the name Freeview....:-)

I've had three set top boxes ranging from an excellent Philips, a style over substance Nokia and my current Pioneer DTR 210, a rare and very classy hi-fi separates styled unit that was discontinued a while back.

Pioneer's second Freeview set top box, the DTR 1000, was bought as a Christmas present for one of the offspring two years ago and is also first class.

Another excellent box is the Humax F2-T Fox - very much worth the extra over the majority of the current batch of cheapies on sale.

  jack 08:27 29 Sep 2005

Thank you Stuartli for the review of your posessions
most informative.
As regards the original post-Where has 5 gone?
De Marcus- have rescanned so far nix will keep trying.

  SEASHANTY 12:34 29 Sep 2005

Presumably if you have lost FiveTV then you will also have lost all the other channels on Multiplex A.

May need a new aerial although you could try a TV signal booster where your aerial lead enters building. I use two of these boosters - one at aerial entrance and other near TV. These boosters also amplify noise but without them I cannot receive the Mux A channels.

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