Difficuty reading files from SD card with internal card reader.

  Peter Lanky 14:54 04 Jul 2013

I have 2 identical 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD cards. I use them to play music in the car and as a result don't write to them very often. Since I last wrote files to the cards I have purchased a new computer running Windows 8 whereas the other was Windows 7.

Having reached a time where I want to replace the music on them I find that my card reader won't read them, and either they don't show up at all in 'my computer', or the windows explorer window hangs. Neither am I able to format them.

If I format on another PC (W7) I can then read them on my PC, and I can also copy music files to them, however as soon as I remove the cards and re-insert them, I am yet again unable to read them.

I even acquired an identical card reader but the problem still persists. However, after writing to them, I can read them on the other W7 PCs, and the music will play in the car. The problem persists whether I format as FAT or FAT32.

I also have another SD card (8GB Transcend) with which I have no problem on my PC. Unfortunately seeing as Blaupunkt has decided never to upgrade the firmware for the car player, I cannot use cards of greater than 2GB.

I realise that I can get round this, but I really want to know what the issue could be, which seems to be based on some conflict between the Sandisk cards, and either Windows 8 or my card reader which is a generic model.

  Woolwell 21:55 04 Jul 2013

A guess - is W8 reading SDHC only?

  Peter Lanky 23:09 04 Jul 2013

It's a possibility, but I've not found anything online to confirm or deny.

  Woolwell 12:29 05 Jul 2013

Nowadays it is getting unusual to get a pc without a built in card reader. Is your problem related to drivers for your external card?

  Peter Lanky 12:37 05 Jul 2013

It IS an internal card reader, but it's plug and play - no drivers.

  Woolwell 13:39 05 Jul 2013

Perhaps there should be drivers.

  Peter Lanky 19:03 05 Jul 2013

The card reader does work, but just not with these two SD cards. I'm trying to find if there are some specific characteristics of certain SD cards which might be uncomfortable with a generic card reader or with Windows 8.

Anyway the reader is completely unbranded, so I doubt there would be anything other than the generic USB drivers.

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