difficulty in writing in MP3 format on CD

  7 13:54 20 Aug 2003

plz tell me how to write MP3 songs on the Cd as I tried once with software NERO and i able to manage to copy 16 songs and that too in normal format that means I can play that CD on my normal music system....which free software should i use to do this and how...

  Confab 13:58 20 Aug 2003

Did you manage to do it with NERO and have you still got the software? Nero wizard will take you through the process step by step - you just need a blank cdr. You drag and drop your mps3 to the burn window and then click on "burn"

  leo49 13:59 20 Aug 2003

Can't understand from the garbled question whether you wish to burn an audio CD[to play in domestic CD player] or an MP3 CD to play on your PC or compatible DVD player. Which?

  7 14:56 20 Aug 2003

i wanted to copy songs which r in MP3 format onto CD . Hope i am clear this time

  Ben Avery 15:29 20 Aug 2003

so that they play in what? PC or Normal Stereo?

If normal stereo you can use NERO. If in mp3 format you can also use NERO!

They have to be converted to .wav files to be playable on your normal stereo so use NERO to create an "Audio CD" and NOT an "mp3 CD".

This will convert the tracks for you.

However, by changing a CD track to mp3 then reconverting it to CD format will result in a less satisfactory sound quality as mp3 is what is known as a "lossy format" (much like jpg picture files from the larger bmp picture files).

If you want to make compilation CD, simply use your burning software to take the track directly off the original CD's and you'll benefit from a better sound quality!


  ton 15:33 20 Aug 2003

Do you want these files to stay as mp3 files, to play on your PC or mp3 player only? (Files will be small)


Do you want to be able to play them on your PC AND your normal domestic CD player? (Files will be very large)

Please say which you want to do.

  smegs 16:56 20 Aug 2003

If U want to burn MP3 in Nero, so it stays as a MP3, burn the songs as data, not as audio. That way they will stay as MP3's & not normal music.

  Ben Avery 16:59 20 Aug 2003

if you burn them using "mp3 CD" they'll stay as mp3 files funnily enough too!


  smegs 17:02 20 Aug 2003

Sorry BA. The way U made it sound, it was a bit long winded. Not Bning fun. Sorry.

  ton 17:13 20 Aug 2003

The Nero wizard gives the options of 'audio' or 'data'.

No mention of mp3 - which we know are 'data'.

  smegs 17:20 20 Aug 2003

Is everyone picking on me??? :-((((

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