difficulty starting xp sp3

  howard64 14:45 24 Jun 2009

Having replaced the hard drive under warranty and used acronis 11 to put it back how it was - yes it was all backed up - I now find that the pc needs 2 restarts before it runs. On first boot up I am told a dll file is missing or corrupt? not always the same file. I then press the restart button and I see the xp start screen but then get a black screen and it does nothing. When I press the restart button again it starts up perfectly and runs with no problem. Anyone any thoughts on this please? If the hard drive is just slow starting I do not understand the xp start screen on startup number 2. I have used the bios fail safe startup to try and make things work better but it is the same on each start.

  johndrew 16:15 24 Jun 2009

Was the `new` drive exactly the same as the failed unit or was it slower?

Does the PC start OK (first time) in Safe Mode?

Have you done all updates to Windows and security software since you did the backup?

If you leave the PC when the `black screen` appears, does anything else appear, such as a `no signal` message from your monitor? Also does it just `hang` at this point if left or what?

Which dlls does it tell you are missing/corrupt? Try to make a note of them.

Have you tried running sfc /scannow? click here. It may cure the problem but if not at least it will check all files for you in case your backup let you down (unlikely). I presume the backup was verified?

As a last resort, you could try reinstalling the backup image.

  Clapton is God 16:17 24 Jun 2009

Try a repair of XP.

Start; Run and type sfc /scannow (note the space) and hit OK.

You'll need the original XP CD ready.

  woodchip 16:23 24 Jun 2009

it may be psu degradation or a memory fault

  woodchip 16:24 24 Jun 2009

also check cpu fan is running at full speed

  howard64 16:50 24 Jun 2009

I have run sfc - the drive is identical to the original and I have swapped the psu just in case. The memory is Crucial Ballistix and no faults show when I run a memory test. As for the fan on the cpu it appears to be running at full speed and there is certainly no problem once windows starts. Nothing happens once the black screen appears I have left it for up to an hour. As for starting in safe mode there does not appear to be much point as 1. it does not even get to the point of running windows. I will try safe mode next time I attempt to start it. Thanks all - any further ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 24 Jun 2009

try running a disk check.

  howard64 08:11 25 Jun 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - which disk check do you suggest?

  User-1229748 08:33 25 Jun 2009

xp has a disk check if you go from start-my computer-right click your disk-proprties-tools-error checking.

  johndrew 10:00 25 Jun 2009

Looks as though your best option now is a `Repair` as suggested by Clapton is God above.

  howard64 17:04 27 Jun 2009

all tests run and no fault found I assume this is just a very slow starting hard drive. Unless someone can tell me how to tell the pc to wait longer for it to start I guess I will have to live with it.

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