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Difficulty in sending block emails

  hastelloy 15:46 19 Apr 2019

Last year I sent a block email to 155 members without any issues. Today practically all of them are returned as undeliverable. I have tried to send them in batches of 10 or 5 to no avail. Now most emails sent to individuals bounce back. I am using

Can anybody suggest an email provider (free of course) that wouldn't have this problem please?

  Forum Editor 18:34 19 Apr 2019

Take a look at this.

  hastelloy 12:07 20 Apr 2019

FE - Many thanks, that looked promising. Sadly it doesn't seem to be able to set up outlook to sync with our email address. I did manage to get my text in in a plain text version but importing the contacts is beyond me. Also the free version won't allow attachments and we can't afford 156 Euros to try the Pro version.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:57 20 Apr 2019

.................practically all of them are returned as undeliverable.

Copy and paste a couple of the delivery-failure-reason notices that you will have received. Don't forget to remove the first part of the email addresses before you post here.

I'll have look at them and may be I'll be able to give you some practical advice,

  hastelloy 11:15 21 Apr 2019

* Secret-Squirrel*

Many thanks for the offer but I have just solved the problem by changing to Zoho mail. All 155 emails sent with no problems - literally just finished. I sent a copy to myself and that has arrived safely. decided that there had been unusual activity on the account and locked me out.

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