Difficulty reformating

  cara 14:31 29 Nov 2004

Have bought my brothers Mesh PC - and am trying to reformat

Thinking it would be simple with the recovery disk (like my Evesham - just put in the disk choose the approp. option and it was restored to its condition as on arrival with everything wiped) - I used the Mesh recovery disk, waited an hour and in fact it had only reinstalled XP, not wiped the hard drive.

Trying via explorer, right clicking on C drive, then format but it tells me cannot do and to check progs running, and any windows showing contents of C drive?

I have removed as many of the installed progs as poss. Does not seem anything left to remove.

The only other thing is he does have 2 users set up.

I know you will have the answer! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  ACOLYTE 15:04 29 Nov 2004

Yes windows is running so you cant format it like that ,it wont commite suicide so to speak,You need to boot from a floppy,or the cd and format/fdisk from there.

  plsndrs3 15:19 29 Nov 2004

You can do this via a DOS promp [press f5 or del I believe when starting up] with "format:C" -no speech marks.

If you have deleted all the programs that you possibly don't need, why not just clean the registry out with Regclean click here file_description/0,fid,4666,00.asp and then ccleaner to get rid of any leftovers click here

Might be a better solution?



  cara 15:21 29 Nov 2004

Oh dear - this sounds over my head! Is this simple to explain step by step or are the instructions on the internet somewhere?

  cara 15:23 29 Nov 2004

Thanks Paul, I will keep your suggestion in reserve failing all else. Really want to completely format though

  plsndrs3 15:30 29 Nov 2004

click here productdoc/en/format.asp

click here? scid=kb;en-us;313348

Second one might be better :o)


  plsndrs3 15:36 29 Nov 2004

The correct address for the second item is :

h tt p://support.microsoft.com default.aspx? scid=kb;en-us;302686

just cut & paste in the address bar & remove the spaces!


  plsndrs3 15:40 29 Nov 2004

OK, go to microsoft.com & type format xp into the search microsoft.com box on the top right of the screen [that should do it!]

  ACOLYTE 15:44 29 Nov 2004

If you have a recovery disc only make sure you can get it back up and running again before you format, some preinstalled hard drives have info in a partition that wont be there when u format,so the recovery disc might not work.

click here

This is micrsofts way to do it with instructions.

  cara 22:21 29 Nov 2004

Thanks, I have printed off the instructions and shall give it a go! (Not overly convinced though..).

  VoG II 22:25 29 Nov 2004

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