Difficulty with MS Publisher 2003

  churchwarden 15:07 27 Dec 2007

My Pc's operating system is Windows XP Home and I have Office 2003 installed.
I can create a document in MS Publisher 2003 and insert clip art or a picture. When I re-open the file the text appears but not the clipart or picture - only the 'handles'!
Any suggestions please, as this has happened quite suddenly - no problems previously!

  VoG II 15:40 27 Dec 2007

Try View > Pictures and untick 'Hide pictures'.

  churchwarden 11:57 03 Jan 2008

I refer to my earlier posting when I said I couldn't reopen a Publisher 2003 doc that had been created with clipart or a picture inserted.
The text only reappears with the 'handles' of the inserted graphic. I tried the suggested remedy from VoG but the 'Hide Pictures' option was not ticked. Any other suggestions would be very gratefully received.

  lotvic 15:14 03 Jan 2008

You can get rid of the 'handles' by clicking on another part of your publication.

Does the 'box' where your picture should be have a dotted X filling it corner to corner?

if so then it is as VoG™ has said, so try putting a dot (tick) in the circle ( 'Hide pictures') and click on OK

Then go back and put the green dot (tick) in 'Detailed Display' option and click on OK

If that doesn't work then I would suggest you use the repair Publisher option on the top toolbar:
Help > Detect and Repair

  churchwarden 17:34 03 Jan 2008

My earlier posting has attracted two replies for which I thank you. Unfortunately, neither has been the solution to the problem. I have, since the reply by lotvic, which I carried out as suggested, uninstalled and reinstalled 'Publisher 2003' and the problem remains. Any other suggestions please!

  MaxUpload 21:27 03 Jan 2008

Could you try this :

In Publisher go to "View" then "Pictures".

There are three options - just check that "Detailed Display" is ticked.

  churchwarden 22:02 03 Jan 2008

Thanks but I've done that - still no good

  MaxUpload 22:16 03 Jan 2008

OK! Sorry but I pasted a copy of VOG's answer into here rather than my "Possible Solutions " folder.

Seriously though :

Since the problem persists after reinstalling Publisher there could be a problem with your graphics adapter or should I say a problem with "Hardware Acceleration".

Could you try this :

Go To "Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/ Troubleshoot".

You should now be on a page showing "Hardware Acceleration".

If the slider is on "Full" then take it back one division noting that below the slider the text changes to "Disable Cursor and Bitmap Accelerations...etc"

See if the problem in Publisher has been solved.

If it has then you could be looking at updating your graphics drivers but that i'm not too sure of!

  lotvic 22:20 03 Jan 2008

try this from Publisher Help and tell us what it finds

"You can check the status of each picture (picture: A bitmap or draw-type graphic that is brought into Publisher. Clip art is one type of picture.) in your publication. For example, you can determine whether a picture is linked or embedded, whether it has been modified, or whether a link to an external picture is missing.

On the Tools menu, click Graphics Manager.
Under Display options, in the Sort by list, click Status. ""

(In Graphics Manager pane that comes up make sure that in 'Show:' it says 'All pictures')

  churchwarden 23:03 03 Jan 2008

Thanks for trying but neither of your suggestions has cured the problem. Ah well - back to the drawing board!

  MaxUpload 23:35 03 Jan 2008

mmm!This one is a conundrum.

Could I ask you to persist with the "Hardware Acceleration" settings.

Try again by lowering the settings on the slider one division at a time and retry Publisher on each change.

This really does sound like a graphics card problem.

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