Difficulty getting on internet.

  cofi 11:53 11 Jul 2006

Windows XP SP2.B.T.=I.S.P.Broadband.laptop.When I click on any internet desk top icon I get error message such as can`t find page or cant find server or router etc.If I then re-boot by using the restart button all works well.I have now taken to never switching the laptop off but using the hibernate function.In this way all seems to work well.Am i doing any harm by using hibernate all the time? and has anyone any ideas about the problem of not getting on the internet without re-booting? I am new to computers so no high tech stuff please.My system restore will not go back far enough to sort it.Is it a I.S.P. problem? or my computer? You know what the B.T.help line is like=subish.

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