Difficulties with the NEW PCA Cover Discs

  IZZY 20:24 30 Jun 2003

I'm having difficulties with PCA's 'new' Cover Discs and I just cannot work out what I am doing wrong. I don't think it is faulty discs because the problems apply to all discs.

1. When the disc is inserted into the CD Rom, which is set to Auto Run, the Opening Screen covers the monitor screen and I cannot see anything on my desktop. I have only the choice of Continuing or Exit. There doesn't appear to be any way of making the Opening Screen smaller or minimising it to be able to see the Desktop. If I chose to Continue, I get to the next screen - whatever that happens to be - with the various tabs but the background of the first screen is still covering the entire monitor screen so I can't get into anything at all that I might want to use such as WP or printer. The only options I have are to continue or exit.

Question...What can I do to have the disc(s) open without filling the whole Desktop?

2. If I choose Continue and say, for example in the Aug Issue CD2, I click the tab for Tips and Tricks, there are 5 Items which, by all indications, are PDF Files - (I do have Acrobat Reader). Each of these items has, alongside it, a Button named View which, one would presume when clicked, would open the corresponding PDF file for that item.

Now I may be missing something quite obvious but not one of these View Buttons appears to work. So, what am I missing or doing wrong?

I should add that I have no problems viewing the discs and opening programmes and files using Explorer, but that's not the point of Auto Run.

As usual, any advice is much appreciated.



  woodchip 20:30 30 Jun 2003

This sounds like a computer OS problem. Also you could try repairing IE if it uses the browser to open as a lot of Mag disc's do use IE. You could also try updating your Graphics Driver. Hope some of that helps you think a bit

  woodchip 20:32 30 Jun 2003

PS you have not given any indication of the OS you are running this is vital., for any help that's forth coming

  MIke 20:40 30 Jun 2003

you could click exit then use windows explorer to explore contents of disc. Not as user friendly I know but a possible work around

  woodchip 22:29 30 Jun 2003

That's what I do

  IZZY 23:20 30 Jun 2003

Thanks for the responses,lads. The OS is WinME with 640 Mb memory if that's vital and the Graphics card is NVidia GEForce Ultra. TheBIOS has just been updated but I'm afraid I can't see how any of these points should affect the opening of a PDF file(s).

I have umpteen of these on various discs, some downloaded from the net and burned to CD and others on Cover discs. These I can insert in the CD-RW and open them in Acrobat Reader straight from the CD with one click .

It's only with these PC Advisor discs I have these problems and it applies to ALL 6 COVER DISCS
for June, July, August issues.

However, I'll leave this to see if there are any further responses but I'll have a word with PCA CoverDisc Helpline tomorrow. I'll let you know if it is 'repairable' and how.

Kind Regards and many thanks.


  crx1600 23:21 30 Jun 2003

im not sure why you need to see your desktop while browsing the CD, but try pressing the 'windows' key (bottom left between 'ctrl' and 'alt') , this should bring up the taskbar, and start menu, allowing to open other windows over the 'full' PCA screen

  woodchip 23:32 30 Jun 2003

If you try opening the PDF files from within Explorer you will know if it's the program that PCA provides or if it's Acrobat reader that may need a later version. And as I said it could be your Graphics Driver

  IZZY 11:50 01 Jul 2003

Thanks for your replies and the interest you've shown in helping me. There has to be simple explanation for this as I don't have a problem with any other PDF files on Cover discs or my Hard Disc.

I'm using Acrobat Reader 5.1 which I believe is the latest (free) version. Possibly the Graphics Card Driver but it seems OK with all other discs and files.

Anyway, I'll mark this as Resolved and work away at it. If I find the answer I'll let you know.

Many thanks again,

Regards, IZZY.

  IZZY 17:04 01 Jul 2003

The problems are solved but not through any sudden flash of inspiration on my part.

Richard Clooke, the Editor of the PCA CDs, saw my posting and e-mailed me the following explanation and suggestions which I am very happy to pass on:

1 - to reduce the size of the window which appears when the disc autoruns, hit the 'escape' key. You will then have a toolbar at the top of the window, which offers options for the quality of the graphics and for the size of the screen. Select 'Display all' to ensure that you can see all of the interface.

2 - PDFs not opening from the cover disc interface. The PDFs which I include on the cover disc are set to open in Internet Explorer (or whichever web browser you use). To ensure this happens, run Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to Edit, Preferences. Then to Options and check that the 'Display PDF in browser' option is selected.
When you next try to run the pdfs from the cover discs, you should find that your browser automatically opens and the PDF is displayed there.

I have implemented these and the problems are solved.

My thanks to Richard Clooke who took the trouble to e-mail me and many thanks to all who offered help.


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