Difficulties connecting to existing wireless network

  Zugsptiz 17:19 01 Jul 2014

I'm trying to connect a borrowed Windows 7 laptop to a wireless network. Other laptops etc are already connected. The troubleshooting wizard won't work. The error code is 0x8007045A. I can't connect to the homegroup because I can't connect to the network first. Appreciate any help...

  Zugsptiz 18:07 01 Jul 2014

I've checked on the internet on my own pc and am doing system restore and hopefully the wizard will work. Fingers crossed...

  Zugsptiz 18:09 01 Jul 2014

Ok doing system restore didn't make the wizard work. any suggestions?? I've already checked the driver for the wireless card and it's working...

  alanrwood 19:05 01 Jul 2014

What security is set up on the borrows laptop. Is it set to the same network name. The error code is shown on a google that a dll file can not be loaded so I would guess the it is probably one to do with the troubleshooter. (Google it yourself for more info).

Does the router SSD show if you click on the network icon in the taskbar bottom right. Does it show a reasonable signal strength. If so select and click on Connect and enter the security key and the correct type of security set on the router (WEP, WPA etc)If it does not connect then we will take it from there.

Is the firewall blocking it. Switch it off and see if you can connect.

  Zugsptiz 21:28 02 Jul 2014

thanks for your reply.There's no signal strength at all. I turned off the windows firewall for both home and work. The wireless radio beacon which (I think) is at the right of the power switch glows on and off orange - more off than on. any more ideas? Thanks in advance

  Zugsptiz 21:37 02 Jul 2014

There isn't really any security on the borrowed laptop. It's not set to the same network name. There's no administrator set up. (I've been loaned the laptop from work to do a course at home during the summer, and the software for the course is on the laptop.)

  alanrwood 10:01 03 Jul 2014

If you don't have any signal strength indicated then either the router is faulty (not in this case as it connects to other computers or the wireless network in the computer is disabled/faulty. The fact that it reports a software problem would indicate that the problem lies in that area. If you left click on the small Monitor icon in the task bar at bottom left (it looks like a monitor) does it show that any wireless networks are available. Can you connect using an ethernet cable. Maybe the Wireless drivers have gone corrupt and if you can connect by cable you can reinstall them.

As a last resort, you say it is a work computer. Maybe wireless has been disabled by the IT section. I would then let them sort it out for you.

  Just.me 10:16 03 Jul 2014

Since it is a laptop you should check that the flight mode is off.

If it is on then the wireless signal is disabled.

  alanrwood 18:18 03 Jul 2014

Never heard of flight mode on a laptop. Yes it is there for Tablets and mobile phones running Android.

  Just.me 18:23 03 Jul 2014


Both my wife and myself have a Toshiba laptop and they have a flight mode.

  Just.me 20:13 03 Jul 2014

Just to add to my previous entry, older laptops may not call it flight mode but if you search deep enough in the computer you should be able to turn the wifi on/off.

Another potential problem is that the router may have been set to only allow certain specified MAC's to access the router. It may need someone to access the router and add the MAC for the borrowed laptop.

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