Different Web Effects With Front Page 2002

  bluewoody_141 02:17 05 Aug 2005

I have got fed up with the standard effects, has any one got any new ideas, i'm new to this, also does any know how to input the current date and time on a web a site.ie. when you open a the web site it has the correct date and time, say in the top right corner. Thank you for any ideas. Better still can any one give us a jobin IT, so i could learn about web design etc.

  Forum Editor 07:45 05 Aug 2005

tend to go to people who already have some knowledge - you'll not find too many people prepared to pay you so you can learn about web design. In any event, you can teach yourself just as well - all it takes is hard work, plenty of practice, and a degree of design ability. If you don't have natural ability you can learn design basics by reading online tutorials - there are thousands of them out there, just run a search.

In answer to your question about a date and time display - you can do this with Java script
click here and paste the code into your page exactly as it is written, then follow the instructions to call the function.

New ideas? Well that's up to you. I suggest that rather than searching constantly for new gizmos you spend time getting to know more about the basics of good design.

  AcidBurn7uk 11:13 07 Aug 2005

Buiding on what FE said:

The best way to learn (i have found) is practice practice practice. Online tutorials are a great place to start. They're often free and nearly all the time you can see them in action. However, books are also brilliant, particularly once you start learning languages outside of html. The SAMS series and BIBLE series spring to mind. Another tip is to Right Click any page and:

For Internet Explorer click "view source"

For Firefox click "view page source"

While this will elinimate any dynamic code (php & asp etc etc) it will show you the pure HTML, which is great if you want to see how somebody has achieved a particular layout.

In short, just practice good coding and mess around with lots of page designs.

As for new effects, do you mean the page transistion effects? If so I would say this "NO!"
These are (in my opinion) totally annoying and with the speed at which pages can be loaded over broadband these days, it can actually slow everything down.

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