Different startup folders for XP users

  Martinsonline 02:30 25 Oct 2003

When I put programs into the Startup folder in WinXP, they open when any user starts up.

I only want the programs to open in my own user account, though, so I tried creating a Startup folder in my own user Start Menu folder. Any programs I put in this folder don't appear at all.

So how can I have my own Startup programs that I don't have to share with everyone else? (If it helps I have an administrator account).

  Djohn 02:36 25 Oct 2003

It is from the administrator account that you set up the conditions for what each user can see and use. Not sure of the procedure though as I have not yet used it. j.

  powerless 02:46 25 Oct 2003

Sticking them in the admin startup folder will be a system wide startup - All users.

To have something open up just for one account.

C:\Documents and Settings\*User Name Here*\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  powerless 02:50 25 Oct 2003

p.s the icons should *.exe's (or applications) in the startup folder.

  Martinsonline 03:50 25 Oct 2003

I've tried
C:\Documents and Settings\*User Name Here*\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
but it still doesn't work

  temp003 06:26 25 Oct 2003

Go to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder first and remove those programs that you do NOT want to be opened for all users.

Then put shortcuts to the programs you want to be opened (for a particular user) to the C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.

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