Different e-mail address

  bristolgirl 20:38 30 Nov 2003

I want to set up a different e-mail address to run concurrently with my usual one. Is it best to download a diffent ISP for this or use my existing ISP with Outlook Express and set up a new account? If so, how do I do this?

  Terrahawk 20:45 30 Nov 2003

your isp may make provision for more than one email adress if not you could use a web mail account such as yahoo or hotmail yahoo can be configured to run through outlook express the free account has about 6meg storage.But as i say check with your isp first to see if they allow multiple accounts

  kimjhon 20:47 30 Nov 2003

If you go to the site of your existing ISP there may be a button to hit. 'Create new Mail Identity' - or something like.

Save you having to config OE yourself.

  bristolgirl 20:52 30 Nov 2003

Thanks for your' quick responses. Still confused as I am complete novice.
Did go into OE and tried creating a new account. Got confused when it asked me for POP & SMTP names.

How do I find out if my ISP allows multiple accounts?

  Terrahawk 20:54 30 Nov 2003

what isp do you use?

  bristolgirl 22:01 30 Nov 2003

Btinternet Broadband

  VoG II 22:04 30 Nov 2003

click here and on the left of the page you will see "Help & Support" and at the bottom of that list is "Add a Mailbox".

  AndyJ 22:13 30 Nov 2003

I think this too is a list of ISPs who can supply email compatible with BT Broadband click here

  bristolgirl 15:09 01 Dec 2003

Thank you. I have set up a differnet and new Mailbox now but I would like to recieve that mail into a different file(?) so that I can distinguish the two for incoming mail. Any ideas how I do this?

  Lucky Jim 15:15 01 Dec 2003

To distinguish two email addresses I usually use the Rules wizard.
In OE, got to Tools> Message Rules> Mail.

creat a rule where mail addresses to email address X goes into folder Y.

Should bve straight forward.

  bristolgirl 15:27 01 Dec 2003

thank you. That has done the trick

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