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Different browsers.

  Bald Eagle 16:13 27 Sep 2010

I use IE8 but have Google Chrome on my computer for if things go wrong with IE8. I have read on here numerous times, in fact very recently also, that some folk find GC much quicker. How do I prove which is quicker on my machine? Is there a test page to load or something because I can't see any difference at all. If it's milliseconds per page so what? I don't do mega sized downloads. Probably Window's updates are my biggest!

  Pine Man 16:44 27 Sep 2010

If you can't see any difference why are you worrying?

If you must test them the simplest thing to do is when you have booted your computer run each browser once with the same home page then time each one starting up from the first click on the icon to fully loaded. You will now know which loads fastest.

Next with the browser open see how long each takes to open a new tab. With a new tab open and empty see how long it takes to load a page fully from wherever you like but use the same with both browsers.

  Belatucadrus 16:49 27 Sep 2010

click here

But to be honest most people don't test, they just pass subjective opinions which in most situations is good enough.
I feel that Chrome is a bit faster than Firefox, but still prefer Firefox as my main browser. Suck it and see, use whatever suits you and your PC best never mind what anybody else thinks.

  Bald Eagle 19:41 27 Sep 2010

Two very erudite answers. Thanks a lot, will stay with IE8 because I'm used to it!

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