different brand powerline adapters compatible?

  pookie 20:27 05 Oct 2015


Now thinking of getting these click here to boost the wifi signal at the far end of my house. They are rated at 500Mb. I already have these non wifi ones which are also rated 500Mb which I don't currently use. click here theory if I get the new wifi ones (one unit at router and one unit upstairs) should I be able to use my old (different brand) non wifi adapters in other rooms to ethernet straight to pcs etc? oOr is mixing brands a bad idea?

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:27 05 Oct 2015

Normally you have to pair each device to the one that is connected to the router.

Not sure if two different brands will actually pair to each other.

  pookie 18:12 06 Oct 2015

Thank you. I've done a bit of reading on this and when mixing different brands as long as they are the same eg 500 or 200 etc rating then they should be ok. We'll see

  pookie 12:13 08 Oct 2015

yes they worked. The new TP Link units are connected to router and upstairs. The old Trendnet ones are being used as ethernet to pcs in other rooms. The Trendnet ones didn't work immediatiely. I had to update the firmware on the Trendnet powerline units first. But yes, the Trendnet are plug and play with the TP Link being the powerline unit connected to the router

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 08 Oct 2015

Thanks for the feed back.

where did you get the new firmware from?

  pookie 18:21 08 Oct 2015


for the old Trendnet ones from here click here

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